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4 Interesting Solutions For Creating Luxurious Interior Design

4 Interesting Solutions For Creating Luxurious Interior Design

Most designers take as a basis the French style when developing ideas for luxurious interior design. Perhaps this style will be the Empire or Baroque. This design requires expensive furniture and decor. If you started a renovation, and are planning an apartment design in a […]

Benefits and types of modular kitchens

Benefits and types of modular kitchens

When we think about the possibility of renovating the kitchen, the first decision that must be taken is what kind of furniture will be used: modular kitchen or made to measure. The differences are enough and go beyond the price. Therefore, we must take into […]

Small Kitchen Design Idea

Small Kitchen Design Idea

We say so many times that the kitchen is the heart of the house. But sometimes, it seems that we think only in those kitchens of American movies and series. Those that give us the impression of being bigger than a full department. Which also seem to have more storage space than our closet and are only complete if they have those central islands in which it is worthwhile to crack an egg to avoid getting dirty.

We know that this reality is not that of most of us. Our kitchens are tunnel type, with countertops on one or both sides, and in some cases are integrated into the living room. Maybe there is a table with some chairs, or maybe not. And it’s not the end of the world either! That kitchen, you cook, is also the heart of your house.

The first thing is to know how to land our expectations, being realistic with the meters we have for the small kitchen design idea. And with that, start organizing the kitchen of our dreams, taking advantage of every meter and every empty space. For example, if the idea of having one of those islands excites you, how about starting with a how?

If you plan to make, a reform considers the option of sliding doors. Those meters that are lost with the opening angle of the current door can be very useful. Bet on light kitchen furniture, smooth doors (without moldings). Include a glass door, showcase type, and prefer them with subtle handles or, even better, without them.

Now, if you do not have the desire, time or money to get involved, here are some keys to squeeze out every meter:


The order is essential in small kitchens, and that chaos takes up a lot of visual space.

Try to keep the slabs clear and take advantage of the walls to store. One of my infallible tips to keep everything in order in the kitchen is to take the food out of its packages and put it in jars that you can stack and organize by heights.


Cupboards with doors have two advantages for me: the first is that they protect food and utensils from grease and dirt; the second is that they help to hide small chaos. However, they take up much more space than open shelves or furniture.


The greatest virtue of white is its ability to expand spaces and bounce light. That feeling will help you a lot if you’re looking for your kitchen to feel less crowded and congested.


Surely the kitchen is the point of the house where we care less about lighting: the ceiling, the extractor hood and that’s it. But well-lit kitchens earn a lot, especially if they are small.

There are very nice small kitchen design ideas to get magical environments in your kitchen, from garlands of light on the shelves to led strips under the cabinets that are on the counter.

6 Keys :  Create a Living Room for the Whole Family

6 Keys : Create a Living Room for the Whole Family

The living room is one of those spaces in the house where many activities, tastes, and personalities converge. It can be a game room, television, desk, reading room, exercise, etc. Ugh! The list could go on and on. For this reason, decorating and furnishing the […]

Tips To Create a Perfect Bedroom Design

Tips To Create a Perfect Bedroom Design

How many pieces of furniture do you have in your bedroom? How do you decorate your room? Or is it that you do not decorate it? It’s the place in the house where we spend the most time! The design of your bedroom is also […]

The Central Island – The Star of The Kitchen

The Central Island – The Star of The Kitchen

At the heart of the kitchen, the central island attracts all attention. In recent years, he has revolutionized the design of this living room with a new vision of space. Far from a traditional layout, the central island is the focal point of the kitchen. Fashioned in different shapes and sizes, it adapts to all configurations (or almost). Small or imposing, curved or square, wood or laminate, the central island also raises the question of its content. With simple storage for the most basic, it can also shelter a cooking pole with a hood and a water point. Variations among which it is sometimes difficult to find oneself there.

  1. Black for a trendy central island

For several seasons, black is coveted in the kitchen. The central island does not escape this trend with furniture full of character. Black brings a lot of elegance to the island and the open room on the dining room. Minimalist and refined, the style of the kitchen is based on a completely black set, from the front of the furniture to the worktop.

  1. An imposing central island in the heart of the kitchen

With a water point and a cooking pole, this central rectangular island is at the center of all the attention in the kitchen. In a contemporary style, it sports smooth facades in gloss lacquer like other kitchen furniture. An elegant choice in contrast with the interior of walnut veneer furniture.

  1. The central island is a kitchen by itself

In a large block, the central island represents the entire kitchen with storage, a water point, and a large work plan. It also serves as a transition between a preparation area and the tasting place, in the dining room. In a neutral style and a marriage of wood and white, it remains quite discreet despite a space saving ideas for small kitchen.

  1. A central island adapted to small kitchens

With its storage space, cooking pole and bar area, this central island have many assets without taking up too much space. Its particular shape structures the kitchen space and allows to create a friendly island in a room not always spacious. The bright white furniture also brings beautiful light and give the impression of a larger kitchen.

  1. Wood for a contemporary and bright island

In continuity with the rest of the kitchen, the central island placed on the wood. In a clear shade, it is both natural and modern. In the center of the kitchen, it provides more space for preparation while being a friendly place. Its bright niches are an opportunity to highlight beautiful books and adored objects.

  1. Conviviality around a central deco island

In a large kitchen, a central island is a warm place where we meet before the meal and at any time of the day. The work plan extends to serve as a bar where we take, for example, a coffee on high stools. With a space saving idea for small kitchens with a majority of low furniture, the central island kitchen also completes the storage. In the continuity of the kitchen, it displays a sober style with flat black facades and a wooden worktop.

3 Key Points to Develop a Professional Kitchen Plan To Standards

3 Key Points to Develop a Professional Kitchen Plan To Standards

Designing the plan of your professional kitchen to standards is an important step in the creation of your restaurant or a renovation process. Respecting the procedure to follow, optimizing equipment layout and well thought out annexes will guarantee your team a healthy and adequate work […]

Everything You Need To Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Everything You Need To Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

For anyone, it is a mystery that eating is one of the happiest hours of the day. And remodeling your kitchen becomes an important ally to satisfy all our culinary senses. A clean, spacious and well-ordered space gives us comfort to cook, eat and even […]

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For anyone, it is a mystery that eating is one of the happiest hours of the day. And remodeling your kitchen becomes an important ally to satisfy all our culinary senses.

A clean, spacious and well-ordered space gives us comfort to cook, eat and even increases the surplus value of your home and it is here where remodeling your kitchen becomes key to your home acquires more value.

However, before going to do remodel your kitchen, it is important to consider our budget, tools, kitchen paint, colors, type of materials and even basic notions that will be useful before making decisions that give full customization to your space.

The main idea is to go little by little. These tips will give you a more accurate idea of what you need, combined with great ideas to get to work. So bring your notebook and take note!

How to start remodeling my kitchen?

Consider your budget.

When we see ideas on the internet about how we can remodel our kitchen, it is very easy to go big. However, seeing the real costs of what it costs could lead you to great disappointment, but calm down! Fortunately, there are very interesting and economical alternatives.

Lean on the experts

The people who have been remodeling for many years are the ones who will give you the most useful advice; where to buy more economical material, for example, kitchen paint, or how to be effective in time. Maybe all you need is to make small changes that will later be noticed in a big way. You will save extra efforts!

If you do not know someone, do not worry. Many department stores usually have discounts on seasonal decoration issues, and even, when making purchases, they offer advice with very useful information.

Be practical

Each project of remodeling your kitchen must take into account not only aesthetics but practicality. In the case of the kitchen, this takes more value because few areas in the home have as much utility as this space. Maybe that double oven with a thousand functions that you fell in love looks beautiful in your kitchen but will it really be functional? Does it fit in the space you have?

It is very important to consider these aspects and have everything within reach to cook comfortably.

Choose the ideal kitchen paint for you

The colors that broadly do not fail are white and vibrant aesthetic colors. The first will help you if your kitchen is small and needs lighting because, let’s face it, nobody likes to eat in a dark place.

Add more natural light with a window!

If you feel that your kitchen is too small and that the odors or vapors of the ingredients are too concentrated, it may be time to consider a new window. Your kitchen will be more illuminated and fresh. This will allow you to play and add more elements to the walls.

Add originality to your space with certain materials.

If you really want a complete change, build a brick bar or an ingenious lamp with cables and some tubes, will give a special touch to your kitchen. Details like these give a lot of distinction.

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