10 Affordable Design Ideas to Perk Your Small Area Modular Kitchen Design

10 Affordable Design Ideas to Perk Your Small Area Modular Kitchen Design

Small or big kitchen, there is no doubt that anybody is drawn towards the kitchen.  Looking for a modular kitchen design for small area is certainly interesting as small kitchens require ingenuity, big ideas, and clever designs. If the kitchen is tiny in your new house, here are few modular kitchen design trendy ideas that will keep your kitchen clean and will encourage no spilling.

Tiny Cabinets

Tiny cabinets are painful to made, but they give a very organized feel. They look lovely and they can be over the window space, towards the ceiling, or on the bare walls.

Single Shelf

Adding a shelf or a single ledge allows you to store discreetly frequently used items and the advantage is that they are within easy reach. It is a wonderful alternative to open shelving, while you can showcase your beautiful utensils and cutlery.

Pot Racks

The pot racks are common now and so it is simple to understand that they are functional as well. The bulky vessels and pans take up much space in the small kitchen and is a waste literally. Having racks over a table or the counter ensures a perfect décor and easy access.

White Cabinets

Nothing can beat white and especially with smaller kitchens featuring white cabinets expand the look of the space, besides it looks bright. The effect of white blends with wall colors.

Copper Shelves

Copper was extensively used in our utensils and now they are a comeback in furniture accessories and shelves. The inclusion of copper in your modular kitchen design will mimic the old kitchen. Adding a beautiful color is sure to make your small is kitchen space look stunning.

Black Cabinetry

Black cabinets completely contradict that we said previously about the white looking stunning and smart.  In the small spaces, the black looks magnificent and offers a balance on pairing it with colored walls.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrors in small kitchens reflect objects offering the illusion of space and light. The cabinets in white walls add real sense to space and make the room appear elegant.

Glass Doors

For excellent addition to small area kitchens, it offers the illusion of cooking space extending to the living or dining area.  In fact, the Glass doors look good everywhere and in the areas with space constraints it is the best choice.

Saturated Color

Saturating a small area kitchen using just one color make look contemporary and trendy. Now this is your kitchen, regardless of the size, so choose your choice of color and go crazy such that you should love walking into this space anytime.

Electric Cook top

Did you realize that your gas cook top takes a big space of your kitchen counters? Replacing, it with an electric cook top helps in doubling the countertop to increase space automatically. The small apartments and tiny kitchens offer great canvas work. Get creative with your décor and design skills. There are lots you can do and explore as modular kitchen ideas for your small kitchen. Splash your ideas!

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