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Tips for Planning and Designing of Your Living Room

Tips for Planning and Designing of Your Living Room

The planning and designing of seating space in the living room must always begin with keeping in mind the positions of the doorways. In a living room which is ideally designed incorporating all the Interior Design Ideas, you will notice that the pathways for movement […]

Best Tips to Plan the Layout for Your Living Room Design

Best Tips to Plan the Layout for Your Living Room Design

Whether you have decided to build a new house, revamp an existing living room with updated Interior Designs or simply reposition the furniture you have in the living room; whatever it is, the act of embellishing your room is best performed with a spectacular plan […]

Splendid Interior Design Ideas for Small Bathroom

Splendid Interior Design Ideas for Small Bathroom

In today’s Indian homes, small bathrooms have become too common. Sometimes it brings across a cramped and messy look which makes you feel the need for more space for swirling through without bouncing into anything. However, by implying clever Interior Design Ideas you can easily maximize the space available. Therefore, if you do not want a cramped look, you require planning it in a systematic manner. Though it might appear to be a task which is daunting, we have prepared this blog to enlighten you about various Interior Design Styles which you can implement to bring about a sophisticated and spacious look.

Idea 1: Style Your Bathroom with Mirrors

Plenty amount of light is bounced out from the mirror which splendidly opens narrow spaces for you.  Available in distinct designs and shapes, mirrors proffer colossal purview for styling. In the setup, a sleek, frameless and sophisticated wall to wall mirror blends in depths to the meager spaces while the elegant lighting above the mirror of the wash basin endeavors it with the subject of being a great focal point. Otherwise, on an alternative basis, you can also get an L shaped mirror installed in the bathroom. This is a simple and sophisticated bathroom interior design tip which will avert the available corner space or leeway from getting squandered. Well planned Indian homes are representation of glam, sophistication, tradition, and color which you can happily extend into your little bathroom by placing beautiful light fixtures around.

Style Your Bathroom with Mirrors

Idea 2: Let the Light Swirl In

Small bathrooms generally face a shortfall of natural light. However, even if it has one; it might not fit well giving a congested look to your bathroom. Make sure to keep the installation of large windows a part of your plan while you design a bathroom.  This enables the sunlight to sweep into your small bathroom, thereby lighting up the space making it look visually vast and attractive. For privacy, you can opt for frosted blinds or one-way glass.

Idea 3: Plan a Clever Storage Area in the Bathroom

Creating storage in the bathroom is said to be the main concern as it is difficult to install a storage space in a small bathroom. Therefore, to install a storage space in the bathroom, you require to plan out every corner of the bathroom intelligently. A cabinet which is handle-free along with floating shelves brings forth a seamless look to your bathroom while you accommodate distinct items for daily use. The cabinet shown above in the picture shows a perfect use of space along with good utilization of height having cabinets installed for storing daily things like tissue rolls, cleaning goods et cetera.

Clever Storage Area in the Bathroom

Idea 4: Make Sure To Use Big Tiles

Neutral sized big elegant tiles impart a sophisticated vibe to the small bathroom, thereby making the small little area appear bigger in size. For continued effect here in this picture the tile is beginning from the wall and continues to the floor to endure a persistent or ongoing look and effect. Moreover, to make a strong, bold and captivating statement, you must go for tiles having stripes and patterns on them casting an effect which is expansive. Brown tiled walls and slate brown flooring complement well in small bathrooms. In the above image, the tiling is done so systematically that it doesn’t make the bathroom look congested all the more the bathroom looks highly elegant and spacious.

Idea 5: Use Slim Fixtures in Your Bathroom

Instead of using shower fixtures which are clunky, you must opt for the new aged slim fixtures that appear to be both practical and pretty. In today’s era, the Indian bathroom is observed to adopt the interior design of Scandinavian style which brings a refreshing and mind-blowing look.

Idea 6: Use Colours and Kaleidoscope

Swirl your way into the small bathroom and you will miss out the act of crashing against the washbasin. With the clever utilization of Interior Design Ideas for bathroom, a wall mirror of full length can be positioned in front of the area designed for shower opposite the opening door while narrow and vertical tiles of distinct colors and large sizes are affixed to the wall to make the area look larger. The overall appearance of the bathroom delineates a contemporary look. Moreover, you must not miss out on the stunning and amazing pebble basin.

Use Colours and Kaleidoscope

Idea 7: Design a Pleasant Turkish bath

The bathroom portrayed is as pretty in reality as it appears to be in the picture above. This is a Mediterranean styled bathroom using distinct colors and various patterns so as to distract you from noticing the lack of available space in the bathroom. An azure blue patterned wall with shades of black well contrasted with a frameless mirror blended with floor tiles which are plain white in color exquisitely mixed well with a basin endowing a Turkish feel brings about a refreshing look.

Hence, after going through different Interior Design Styles for embellishing for a small bathroom, do you really feel these ideas come handy? Next time, when you plan to revamp or design your bathroom, keep in mind the tips listed above to make sure that your small bathroom appears spacious and elegant.

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets – The Latest Indian Kitchen Design Style

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets – The Latest Indian Kitchen Design Style

This is a blog that is keen to enlighten you regarding the basics and inform you about everything you require to know regarding the Indian Kitchen Design material utilized in Indian houses. In this blog, we will endow you with a comprehensive outlook of kitchen […]

The Benefits of Modular Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

The Benefits of Modular Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

Traverse to any region or state, you will find that food is a central attraction to Indian tradition and culture.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when we purchase a brand new home or revamp an old house, we naturally regard kitchen as a […]

Top 15 Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Top 15 Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

A bedroom is imperfect without a wardrobe or closet. However, most times while planning a room, we do not end up with a contemporary styled fixture which stands out similar to a sore thumb. With a varied number of distinct materials that are available to pick from these days, it has become nearly effortless to avail a contemporarily styled cupboard for home. The pieces of furniture generally act as an ornamental element. This is the reason why in our blog, we have put forward 15 most elegant and contemporary styled wardrobes design for bedroom to transmute the space at home instantaneously.

Mirror styled doors:

Mirror styled doors wardrobes

If in case your bedroom is small or medium-sized, then the mirrored wardrobe is considered an option which is excellent as it resolves two motives at once. The first purpose is that of your storage needs, while the other one is of endowing your room with a spacious look.

The shifting panels:

The next modern feature which you can effectively figure out in a wardrobe or closet is the presence of shifting panels or doors. These are the entries that are best when you endeavor the want of saving good space in the room.

The built-in cupboard:

This is a cupboard which is not only elegant looking but can be customized quite easily as well. They are made of different materials which include iron and wood.

An elevated cupboard:

You can opt for the elevated cupboard if you are searching out to save sufficient space in the room. In the picture given below, the wardrobe is placed on several levels of bed as it can be accessed easily.

Fibreboard wardrobe:

Fibreboard wardrobe

If you wish for a lightweight and contemporary cupboard then you must opt for fibreboard wardrobe. These wardrobes come in natural tones that make you appear like a real wood.

 A multifunctional wardrobe:

If you want a closet or wardrobe which is lightweight and contemporary then fibreboard is a great option. These come in good natural tones that make you appear like a real wood.

For the room given above, the professional has formulated a multifunctional wardrobe featuring chest of drawers, small table, and plant for beautification.

View through the cupboard:

An alternative for the conventional cupboard doors is the see-through closet. They enable you to appear inside cupboard without any opening gates.

Cupboard with the drawers:

Integrating distinct kinds of storage units in the single cupboard can endow you a completely functional bit of furniture. Here in this picture, the design has included two extra drawers on top and bottom of the fixture.

Sleek wardrobes:

A sleek and appealing closet like this can effectively fit comfortably in any of the room. Also, it is considered a better alternative than a conventional cupboard.

Vintage wardrobe:

If you want to infuse a classical charm to your bedroom then this antiquated vintage closet is best for you.

The glass screen wardrobe:

glass door wardrobes designs

Shifting door wardrobe can be structured of glass screen to make it look contemporary and lightweight.

 Narrow cupboard:

In accordance with the space that is available in the room, you can consider opting for a narrow cupboard that you can place in the corner.

Antiquated cupboard:

If you wish to endow a charming contrast to your contemporary room, then an antiquated cupboard is an excellent choice for you.

Solid and wooden cupboard:

The material of the wardrobe which can never go out of the style is the solid wood. This kind of cupboard is more a less durable than the others which are made of different material.

 The laminated door wardrobe:

If you wish to instill a texture or pattern on your wardrobe and not spend too much, you must consider utilizing lamination sheets for your doors.

Top 6 Small Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Top 6 Small Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you witnessing a crunch all your way while endeavouring your dream kitchen? With 6 best kitchen interior ideas, we will endow you with the reason to smile and transmogrify your small little kitchen into a well-organized cooking haven. With a rise in the prices […]

Top 5 Important Essentials for Home Interior Design

Top 5 Important Essentials for Home Interior Design

Maintaining a perfect Home Interior Design might look like a task which is exuberantly daunting in nature, especially for those people who do not know to distinguish between crewel and chintz. You do not require fretting, the most nestling designers endeavor ardent hope to guide […]

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