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Benefits of Modular Kitchen Design

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Design

If you travel to any region or state, then you would realise that the food is genuinely central to the Indian culture. Showing up with little surprise, when we buy a new home or revamp an older one, we generally treat kitchen to be a […]

6 Top Class Wooden Wardrobe Designs to Go For

6 Top Class Wooden Wardrobe Designs to Go For

The Indian have a sense of affinity or accord for wood when it comes to interior décor. It is availability and dependability that has made it a good choice, generally for wardrobes. Usually real wood tends to be costly, therefore wood finished wardrobes have immediate […]

Open Modular Kitchen or Closed Kitchen? Which is a Better option?

Open Modular Kitchen or Closed Kitchen? Which is a Better option?

Indian homes are soon catching up with the latest trend of having open kitchens. Open kitchens have been very popular in west for a long stretch of years. However, the closed modular kitchen has been for a long time been a conventional option for the Indian kitchen. An open modular kitchen blends well with the rest of the house but a closed kitchen layout offers more private space. For any homemaker, taking a decision between the two types must be a tough call. For understanding it better, let us take a thorough look at the benefits of both the layouts and designs and how well can they work in your daily life.

Benefits of open kitchens:

  • A contemporary day working Indian couples are generally hard-pressed for the time. Balancing between family and work has gotten a challenge. With limited hours at home, the necessary measure to complete your work is multitasking. In such cases, an open kitchen would be a much pragmatic option as the Indian parents get a chance to keep a continuous check on their child, catch up little daily soap on television or simply communicate with one another, all of these while engaging in the chores regarding culinary.
  • An open kitchen very swiftly becomes the heart of your home. An open kitchen model allows you to communicate well with the people in the living room while you remain busy making your dinner. Serving and entertaining the guests during the parties becomes a lot simpler and convenient when you get an open kitchen layout.
  • India is categorized as one of the most densely populated regions in the globe. Consequently, the prices of the real estate are too high and the available space in the home is too acute. Therefore, open layouts work well in homes having little space.

Benefits of closed kitchens:

  • People who get uncomfortable with the basic idea of letting the guests’ view the inevitable clutter in the kitchen generally opt for closed kitchens. A closed layout enables you to make errors and let them go without notice. It also allows you to save the ta-da moment for when you serve the food to the guests.
  • A closed layout kitchen genuinely demands less cleaning and maintenance than a kitchen that is open. With Indian style cooking, generally, cleaning comes across to be a challenging activity as the areas of the kitchen strew in with grime instantly. A closed kitchen layout is of less hassle since the smells, fumes and grime are restricted to the kitchen. This cuts down unnecessary cleanup.
  • While renovating their closed layout kitchen, most of the homemakers get tempted to go for an open kitchen. However, revamping a kitchen is said to be a process that is cumbersome and this is simply the most costly area in your home. If you have limited time frame and budget, changing the complete layout and breaking down walls sound impractical.
  • Having extra walls do not mean having little space. Instead, the walls can be utilized to build in cupboards and cabinets. They will enable you to add in display and storage facilities, making it appear like a complete kitchen. Especially if your household is huge, this is an essential aspect which you must consider.
What Factors Determine The Price Of A Modular Kitchen?

What Factors Determine The Price Of A Modular Kitchen?

From scratch, if you construct a kitchen then it can burn holes in the pocket but this is before modular kitchen gained popularity. The modular kitchen consists of standard units or modules that are available in fixed price. By this way, you get to know […]

7 Appealing Ideas For Pooja Room Design

7 Appealing Ideas For Pooja Room Design

Pooja room designs or corners are important part of most of the Indian houses where the idols, lamps, flowers and other sacred paraphernalia are utilised to decorate the space. But often, we do not give much importance to color to adorn the Pooja ghars. Therefore […]

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs

If you travel to any region or state, then you would realize that the food is genuinely central to the Indian culture. Showing up with little surprise, when we buy a new home or revamp an older one, we generally treat kitchen to be a major area that is formulated ideally. A modular kitchen aids only just this making it easier to avail of the dream kitchen suiting all your requirements.

Therefore, if you are mulling still over how modular kitchen design can be advantageous, we have listed relevant points below:

  • Time saving and convenient:

In our country, the common practice is to get a kitchen cabinet that is fabricated by a carpenter at the house – an uphill chore that needs endless patience. An enormous task like putting up with a home that is messy, sourcing materials and lastly getting unreliable quality is actually not a convenient task.

On the other hand, the modular kitchen is manufactured in giant factories having customized and consistent international quality. Post order, the kitchen gets delivered and installed by the experts within weeks with no effort and little time.

  • Customised product:

As the name suggests, the modular kitchen is formulated out of modules well assembled together. All modules are structured to your usage, available space, your demands, budget, and requirements. Thoroughly custom made in the right sense, the color, exterior finish and material of the modular kitchen is personalized also with endless options.

  • Modern Aesthetics:

The appearance of the modular kitchen appears straight out of the house in a magazine. The modern sleek design is the one to die for and a considerably big factor behind being popular.

  • Modular shelves are the space savers:

Modular shelves are a real saver of space for smallest apartments, converting the tiny kitchen into efficient ones. Modular shelves can endow you with maximum storage space in corners that are cramped, saving you from the narrowest spaces by transforming it into attachments and bottle rack can endow added storage on the cabinet doors also.

  • Smart work area:

The modular design of the kitchen, when consulted by experts, can take good care of the seemingly details like structuring and storing of the used items in the nearby reach in comparison to ones rarely used. This design also divides the kitchen design up on the functional basis not visual into separate cleaning and cooking areas. This majorly makes the life simpler for the ones who cook in the kitchen.

  • Declutter:

The shelves and drawers of the modular kitchen help even the ones who are most disorganized. Simply, by providing designs that are skilled endowing efficient storage of everything including cutlery, vessels, wine glasses et cetera, the shelves and drawers work well for modular kitchen.

  • Fits in the appliances:

Traditional kitchen showcases departments where you get no option but to keep your shelves busy with appliances. While modular kitchens fit in well every appliance starting from oven, microwave, fridge to dishwashers. The modules for the appliances are generally designed to take good care of the heat dissipation, helping you keep the appliances work well in the best of the conditions. Closed storage for the appliances contributes both to uniform visual decluttering and modern aesthetics.

  • Modular kitchens are simpler to assemble, reassemble and disassemble:

The features highly appeal the renters as the system of module enables the entire kitchen to be shifted wherever you move. You also have the option to get it altered or repaired for new space. This is an option which is pleasing in India, your conventional carpenter or mason built in the kitchen never ever offered such convenience.

It is clear that modular kitchen comes across to be a winner if it is cleaned on regular basis and designed by an expert who is trusted.

Space Saving Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Space Saving Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you visualizing a space crunch on the process of designing your dream kitchen? Below mentioned are top six practical ideas that can transmogrify your small spaced kitchen into an effective haven for cooking. With the rise in the real estate prices and the shrinking […]

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