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Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom Indian

Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom Indian

Considering the design for bedroom wardrobe must be done keeping in mind the functionality and aesthetics. In case the main concern is the storage, it is essential to integrate right wardrobes and cupboards into the design. Drawing inspiration and keeping into modern, minimalist, eclectic style […]

Complement your kitchen with Modular kitchen Design India

Complement your kitchen with Modular kitchen Design India

Modular Kitchen is a term presenting the kitchen layout. It consists of many cabinets to hold different things. There are two sections, the wall section and floor section. The floor section is floor attached with cabinets and the wall section features cabinets wall attached and […]

Wardrobe Designs India: Look for Inspirational Choices

Wardrobe Designs India: Look for Inspirational Choices

Including storage space is crucial for your home as a designing part. Having a cupboard looks beautiful and spacious. It takes a lot of research and planning. If you are looking for inspirational wardrobe designs India, here are a few choices:

Modern wardrobes

You can incorporate a modern wardrobe in your bedroom by adding mirrors. The best part of the mirrors is it helps reflecting light in every room corner and thus making it bright.

Corner wardrobes

If there are several angles and corners in your bedroom, designing a similar wardrobe is an amazing idea. This is also a fascinating way of using the floor space to every inch.

Glass wardrobes

A great way of designing wardrobes is with glass. Adding tinted panels of glass as doors is the best opportunity. These glass panels are lightweight; they look amazing, making it a loved option.

Plywood cupboard

A cheap alternative is to look for wardrobe designing and using plywood may be the right thing to consider. You may find similar looking plywood’s in numerous designs and this can be laminated to the cupboard.

Sliding-door cupboard

The best space saving wardrobes is the sliding door cupboard. These cupboards are easy to use and they look really modern keeping with in style always.

Angular wardrobe

Keeping the room ceiling at an angle tilted is similar to something worth considering. The bedroom designer may place the cupboard between the study and the bed using it to divide the area.

Walk-in wardrobe

Having a spacious room allows you to convert the storage and a walk-in wardrobe is an ideal option. This wardrobe looks grand and is a systematic way of organizing the belongings.

Floor cupboard

Use the available additional space on the floor to extend your cupboard. By doing so, you can enjoy additional space to store things such as bags and footwear.

Ceiling cabinets

Extending towards the ceiling the cupboard helps covering the vertical space every inch. These spaces can be a big boon for small houses as they can store items such that they are used rarely such as travel bags.

Bedside cupboards

Having a small bedroom and building storage space is essential. These cupboards are an excellent idea and help in installing additional shelves on the cupboard top for decoration pieces storage.

Kitchen cupboard

Kitchen is the most used rooms and requires proper storage in any home in India. Having a sleek cupboard helps to maximize the kitchen space effectively without blocking the floor area.

Rustic cupboard

Achieving a traditional look is possible with elongated wardrobes such that it features brass handles and enhances the beauty.

Wall to wall cupboard

Rooms requiring enough storage space imply having wall to wall cupboard. If you want more storage space consider wall to wall cupboard. This will reduce the depth and save space, making the entire section appear beautiful.

Coat closet

For hanging space, you require more than shelves such as sleek closets. These closets fit any room part and make them appear great on painting in dark colors.

Give a New Life to Your Existing House Considering Renovation of House in India

Give a New Life to Your Existing House Considering Renovation of House in India

Reconstruct or renovate your house, it has a lot to be creative. Consider the changes you wish to bring on a house renovation. There is a need to pen down things you wish to change, so that your ideas stay.  A few ideas here are […]

Consider These Valuable Tips Option That Are Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchen Design

Consider These Valuable Tips Option That Are Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchen Design

Storage space in the kitchen is a premium and is of great consideration in small kitchens. Having a small footprint kitchen means you need not to struggle to fit things. Thus, if consider space saving ideas for small kitchen design, here you go with these […]

Consider Small Kitchen Design Layouts That Allow You to Make the Right Use of Space

Consider Small Kitchen Design Layouts That Allow You to Make the Right Use of Space

With the population growing, out homes sizes are getting smaller. The multi-story apartment concept has taken over houses in large-size. This has resulted in reducing the demographics of the house bringing a huge diversity to the house sizes leading to functional kitchens in small size.

Designs of Small kitchen

Considering the aspect of small size kitchens, the size should not be regarded as a constraint. The planning must be executed perfectly. You can go with small tweaks and alter the overall look of your kitchen making it a wonderful art piece. There is a need for smart planning to turn small kitchens into a tremendous value. Here are a few small kitchen design layouts that allow you to make the right use of your space available:

  • L-shaped kitchen designs: Generally, the L-shaped kitchen designs are placed in a large area corner such as drawing area. The L-shaped kitchen conveys good space use. The L-shaped kitchens feature an advantage over the kitchens in single wall establishing a kitchen triangle between the sink, stove, and refrigerator.
  • Single wall kitchen designs. A common trend found is the limited space in urban dwellers. The storage, workspace, and electrical appliances are aligned along a wall and so there is very less space in the outside area to utilize. Use that single space available as wall kitchen efficiently.
  • Island kitchen designs. This design is in European countries where you can use an island to create the setup of galley-type with a single wall kitchen. The design is ideal for open-plan apartments or smaller apartment, as they allow a work surface without enclosing completely the kitchen area.
  • Galley kitchens designs– These refer to narrow kitchens typically that feature two parallel decks offering fantastic efficiency relating to storage and workspace. Galley kitchen is found in commercial kitchens designs.

There are many other small kitchen design layouts that suit the available space and varies depending on the place it is located. 

Storage space in small kitchens

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets are the crucial part of any kitchen playing a pivotal space in a small kitchen. Generally, in a small space kitchen design, an adjoining closet is used as a cupboard space or pantry. The common kitchen cabinet types are the ones fitted as ceiling kitchen cabinets or are from floor to ceiling. This creates more space and opens the kitchen. There is a need to make proper use of the angles in a small kitchen so that space is created. 

Tips to plan Small Kitchen Design layouts

  • Be realistic: If you are living in a small home or a multi-storey apartment facing issues with kitchen space limitations, the foremost factor is to decide that you need and how good it is for your kitchen space. On drafting a blueprint, work on utilizing your appliances to the best and on the storage capacity.
  • Small Sinks: Consider single sinks and find sinks now that come with attached drain or chopping boards over the sinks, thus create more space.
  • Lighting: Paint the kitchen walls in light color; add to the right corners the mirrored surfaces to get an illusion of space.
Small Kitchen Design Ideas Help You Kickstart With Newness

Small Kitchen Design Ideas Help You Kickstart With Newness

A small space kitchen in a suburban cape or a high-rise galley, there are small kitchen design ideas that make ideal choices for people who are not really sociable and do not have a large kitchen-diner. There are possibilities that you do not have the […]

10 Affordable Design Ideas to Perk Your Small Area Modular Kitchen Design

10 Affordable Design Ideas to Perk Your Small Area Modular Kitchen Design

Small or big kitchen, there is no doubt that anybody is drawn towards the kitchen.  Looking for a modular kitchen design for small area is certainly interesting as small kitchens require ingenuity, big ideas, and clever designs. If the kitchen is tiny in your new […]

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