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Find Exclusive Bedroom Designs to Level up Your Home

Find Exclusive Bedroom Designs to Level up Your Home

Your bedroom is the only place in your house, where you tend to begin your day, and also end it. you wake up in your bedroom, and also doze off at the same place. your bedroom thus, must be full of all the freshness, but […]

Take a peep into the Wardrobe latest designs India

Take a peep into the Wardrobe latest designs India

Working with interior designers for the right design for your wardrobe is a huge task. You need to consider various factors such as the wardrobe type, the materials used, and the cost. Wardrobes are available in various materials and once can experiment for the exteriors […]

Wardrobe Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms India

Wardrobe Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms India

A bedroom is a place that offers time to relax, spend time and sleep. Generally, people are disappointed as their bedroom is small and they are unable to store more. Now honestly, there is nothing to fear, even the smallest bedroom has the potential to turn into a safe harbour. Here are a few clever wardrobe design ideas for small bedrooms India:

Neat and simple

Keep the small space neat and simple. Keep only basic things such as a bed, a TV and a lamp. With minimalist design, it will be an ideal place to relax.

Mirror, mirror

Large mirrors to decorate small bedrooms ensure a sense of depth. You get to see more as the reflection.

Storage space

For small bedrooms, mess and chaos are fatal. Spending few minutes daily to clean the bedroom is mandatory. If you do not have a closet in the bedroom, store the accessories and clothes, but ensure a wall curtain is hung and you can store everything behind it.

 Design with daylight

Ascertain natural light has great effect, small or big. Strive to use daylight to get bedroom with brightness. Hang heavy roller blinds or thick curtains. Instead, install blinds or light shutters providing privacy at night.

Corner office

If you wish to have an office in the small bedroom, consider clever furniture that offers multifunctional rooms. Integrate in the small bedroom a small workspace.

Color focus

Bright colors are amazing for small spaces, as it gives a bigger room appeal. It presents solutions for small bedrooms. However, maintain a focal point. The pillows can be the attraction, thus keep the bed print in a lighter contrast.

Under bed storage space

Integrate few drawers under bed and use it for storage. Mostly the under bed space is not used optimally. You can now make the right choice.

Folding beds

Folding furniture is the best space-saving solutions and suits the small bedrooms. You also benefit as you get extra square-feet! This system of fold-down bed is really clever, as once it gets folded; the wall works as a room divider.

The large closet

A large cabinet is valuable so that it maximizes space. Keep separate areas for clothes to hang, ensure shelves and drawers to organize things properly.

Different wall design

Distraction is a good tactic. Paint one of the walls in a strong color and design it with a photo, sticker or a print. Use the color to one side or wall.  Have colorful bedroom for inspiration and your small bedroom will appear bigger.

The industrial look

Exposed wall bricks give a special atmosphere to the small bedroom. It gives a cool style.

Light, and more light

Light in the small spaces is of great importance. Daylight is good and even during the summer longest days, it gets dark. Invest in beautiful candles, night lights, or tee lights to create a cozy atmosphere in the evenings in small bedrooms.

The ladder rack

Having a small ladder helps. A positive effect is when your house is dry in hot season you can damp towels and put on the ladder, it will give a cool feel.

A Few Tips to Your Bedroom Wardrobe Design India

A Few Tips to Your Bedroom Wardrobe Design India

Storage of clothing is a humble affair comprising of a simple closet, chest of drawers, and a coat rack. It is nice to have a walk-in wardrobe offering room to access everything in one place. There is no need of searching every closet to store […]

Wardrobe designs for Indian homes – Consider These Pointers

Wardrobe designs for Indian homes – Consider These Pointers

Customizing a wardrobe implies there is a need to consider multiple factors. There are ready-made wardrobes available in standard sizes, pre-set colors, and are freestanding to fit anywhere in a room. While the customized wardrobes are always a longer process as the decision making takes […]

Laminate Wardrobe Design – The Best Choice for Longer Term

Laminate Wardrobe Design – The Best Choice for Longer Term

Wardrobe laminate make great combination of products. There is a wide variety available such as metal, wooden, and plastic. Choose from antique and modern designs. Laminate Wardrobe Design products come with color combinations that they are highly popular in Oceania, North America, and Domestic market.

Creating a wardrobe that is looking modern can be done using laminate sheets. These can be placed on your wardrobe sheets that you can customize the look as you wish even at affordable price. Laminate is actually an artificial material that is made using plastic resins and decorative papers.

Laminates are used commonly as a wooden product in furniture. It may be used as overlay on the wooden furniture. In fact, standard laminates used in normal applications such as cabinetry, furniture, table tops, etc., are now common. They are also used in decorative flooring and walling. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. 

Advantages of wardrobe laminate

  • Simple to clean
  • Economical and needs less skill for installation
  • Easier to install in traditional surfaces
  • Available in several patterns, designs, textures, and colors, that it is pleasing.
  • It is hygienic, durable, and easy in maintenance
  • Best choice to use in heavy environments
  • Installed almost on any existing floor
  • Vacuuming or sweeping takes very little time to get the lamination clean.
  • It is moisture resistant, pressure and shock resistant.
  • Painting or polishing is not required
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and scratch
  • Availability in a wide range leading to minimal wastage

Laminate in the wardrobe is often placed in the rooms that is laid with laminate flooring. There may be certain steps required to be taken for the wardrobe care, as well as for the room. Even considering to replace laminate in the wardrobe helps as it allows to maintain the laminate quality for years.


A useful tip in the closets for laminates in the wardrobe is to keep the moisture away.  This is one of the closets that do stays good even when there is no exposure to sunlight. Moisture getting under any material adhesive makes the material loose and this results in making the material slip. Moisture may be averted only with wardrobe in laminates.

Features of Laminates

  • Laminate is an artificial material that allows pressing thin layers together and these thin layers are of plastic resins and flat paper. The upper layer features a decorative color or pattern in the printed form.
  • Laminate comes in various shades and colors that it may be classified broadly into high gloss, textured, matte and soft. The textured laminates offer the materials replicate feel of stone or wood. The matter and high gloss laminates may eb used to suit one’s personal style.
  • Laminates are easier in maintenance, they retain their shine and look for a longer term as they are waterproof and scratch resistant.
  • Laminates come in various designs and colors, they lack uniqueness as they are mass produced.
  • Laminates are known for their reliability and durability. It appears as wood and is bonded to composite base.
Rooms Colour Combination Needs to be Prioritized Giving Importance

Rooms Colour Combination Needs to be Prioritized Giving Importance

Colors are always very powerful and they possess the power of influencing the mood and tone of any room. They have a great impact and most people fail to realize its influence. Choosing rooms color combination for homes must be given importance. Significance of colors  […]

Do You Need Help to Make Your Modular Kitchen Designs?

Do You Need Help to Make Your Modular Kitchen Designs?

Kitchen designing is the most difficult part as it is the smallest space in the house. The homes are challenged spatially and very little is left for the kitchen. However our professionals do flawless functional modular kitchen designs such that it is designed beautifully, that […]

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