6 Top Class Wooden Wardrobe Designs to Go For

6 Top Class Wooden Wardrobe Designs to Go For

The Indian have a sense of affinity or accord for wood when it comes to interior décor. It is availability and dependability that has made it a good choice, generally for wardrobes. Usually real wood tends to be costly, therefore wood finished wardrobes have immediate best and popular alternative. Mo Furnishings range of great modular wooden wardrobe designs endows you with good capacity for storage, elegance and universal appeal.

  • Old is a treat to eyes:

Visiting old school can never go the wrong way. Oak and various other classic finishes generally celebrate the classiness of wood grains are trusted ones in décor industry. The organic, swirling grains adds a twist that is dynamic to work and bedroom especially in settings that are monochromatic.

  • Mild and muted:

Woods that are sober and muter garner you with contemporary sensibilities. Wheat and yellow hues assist to unify the aesthetic of the room in a subtle way. This kind of modular wooden wardrobe idea is good because it is captivating and yet doesn’t overpower the present surroundings.

  • Bold cherry:

You must go for the cherry wood finish if you wish at making a bold and classy statement. The bedroom must be huge in size to make it appear spectacular. Since cherry is deep having a strong color, you must choose the surrounding color in your bedroom wisely so that they genuinely complement each other well.

  • Burnt hues:

A burnt hue finish is available in different shades like dark brown hues. It is thoroughly strong in terms of external appeal and caters a dependable look for all types of décor. It can also be utilized in contrast with other lighter shades of woodwork also. It caters to both contemporary and traditional décor.

  • Polished appearance:

The mahogany, dark wood and various variants are dependable and sturdy. This type of wood boasts the yesteryear charm. With little wax polish, you surely can amplify the appearance.

This type of finishing requires no maintenance if professionally done. The shade is genuinely simple and works well with the subdued decor.

  • Mirror finishing:

If you wish at making a statement that is edgy, mirror finishes is the right choice for you. They include in radiance to the entire setting, thereby becoming the center of attention. Also, these wardrobes are way too functional as can be used for dressing the area.

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