Beautiful Ways of Sizzling a Small Kitchen

Beautiful Ways of Sizzling a Small Kitchen

Is your galley in a small space or in a high rise, here are a few decorating ideas to assist you in ending up with an appetizing kitchen. Here are a few ways of renovating your small kitchen:

Downsize it

Small spaces may be a sprain to design than the large spaces. There is more to work when you have storage and tight quarters, while you are expected to maintain the style so that the typical kitchen has the required fixtures and function.

Accept the fact that your space is small and focus on its main function. Ensure you have the work areas and appliances required. Thus, you can save space by using innovative or scaled-down appliances, this includes the freezer drawer, refrigerator, stoves, pint-sized microwaves, and single sinks.  Consider a counter-topped cart or a small-scale island to be rolled into a closet when it is not in use.

Open it up

Small kitchens give a claustrophobic feel with cabinets towering overhead in the already tight spaces. In fact, the problem is many cooks are unable to reach them, while there is no room for a ladder or a step stool.  If you trade to have open storage as the top cupboards and enjoy an overall boxy feeling, you may consider pot racks, shelving, etc. This will ensure a spacious kitchen look and is also an amazing way of showing off your shiny pans and pots or favorite dishes.

Mix the Materials

You may lack wide-open spaces in your petite kitchen, but choices are in plenty. In fact, choices are more in a small space. In a big kitchen area, it is easy to separate the competing styles or hiding the flaws. In a small space, there is a need to mix metals and wood, besides other surface materials.  As your petite kitchen is short you must consider the important style required in having compelling cabinetry, countertop surfaces, fixtures, lighting, flooring, and color. If there is the place, include a pleasing curve. Have an affordable granite countertop; create a mix of swatches and samples.

Tip: Use the same style and color in cabinet and fixtures to have a unified look.

Light it up

Like all other rooms, keep your kitchen bright with lights. Ensure a combination of atmospheric lighting and task. Have fluorescent lighting so that it has a bluish light such that there is an impact in the room due to the colorization of objects. You can counteract it by considering hanging pendant lights bathing in more appetizing color the eating area.  Try these ways of increasing the small kitchen size:

  • Use incandescent lighting underneath the upper cabinets such that it shines down on the countertops. Have ceiling spotlighting at the cabinetry directed. This will increase the space shadowing and offer a greater visual movement through dark and light contrast such that the entire cabinetry appears cold blue in the fluorescent lighting.
  • Imagine from the ground up such that the lighting is in flooring such that it glows at night from the floor up. This may be installed also under the base cabinetry.

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