Benefits and types of modular kitchens

Benefits and types of modular kitchens

When we think about the possibility of renovating the kitchen, the first decision that must be taken is what kind of furniture will be used: modular kitchen or made to measure. The differences are enough and go beyond the price. Therefore, we must take into account all the particularities to know what we should use the money.

So that you can choose more clearly, our experts tell you more in depth in the following paragraphs.

We will analyze one by one the advantages of modular kitchen designs for the small area compared with those of custom furniture.

  1. We do not have to wait. Modular kitchens are always available. You just have to order the cupboards that you want to buy, and in a few days, they will be in our home. In custom kitchens, the cabinets have to be manufactured according to the previously requested requirements, which requires much more time.
  2. They are more economical. Although there are modular furniture manufactured in high-end materials, it is usual for modular kitchens to be mid-range and that their materials are cheaper than those of custom kitchens. Also, keep in mind that you are going to save the design, which also has its value.
  3. If your kitchen does not have weird shapes, they fit very well. In kitchens with smooth walls and right angles, this type of furniture is perfect, and you can get effects very similar to those of kitchens made to measure, especially if you are looking for a simple design and without any adaptation.

You can find the following options:

  • Linear set. The standard layout option, in this case, the working area with a stove and washbasin is located along one wall. Good for standard rectangular rooms. Usually, the stove and the sink in such kits are separated by a working surface, and the kit is equipped with mounted modules of an inexpensive modular kitchen;
  • Double row set. In this modular kitchen design for small area, the modules are located along two walls opposite each other. This option is more often used if the room is intended only for cooking and storing products, and the dining area is in a separate room because in such inexpensive modular kitchens open shelves are used.
  • Corner set. It is chosen when the room for the kitchen is a square or almost a square. In such a room, an inexpensive modular kitchen is located along two adjacent walls, interconnected by an angular module. In this embodiment, as a rule, open and closed shelves for storage are combined;
  • U-shaped headset. Such inexpensive modular kitchens are bought for large rooms in which the kitchen is located along the three adjacent walls of the letter P. They usually include a lot of built-in appliances. The dining area is located either in a separate room or on the remaining wall or in the center of the room.

Island or peninsular headset. Such kitchen options also represent modular kitchens; they are becoming increasingly popular. However, this applies only to rooms with a large area, since working surfaces are placed in such inexpensive modular kitchens in the center of the room, or the bar counter divides the space of the room. Such planning options are not easy to find, more often they are custom-made.

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