Can Modular Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens Look Chic And Stylish?

Can Modular Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens Look Chic And Stylish?

Prepping up a space that is not bigger than any closet gives a feel of having a crowded kitchen. This is the time with careful planning; you can make your cabinetry and counter space. You can plan a chic and stylish modular kitchen designs for small kitchens such that it is fully functional.

Note: Keep pale colors for the kitchen. You may opt for bold colors on combining the kitchen space and dining area. Make the kitchen cabinets and counter space worthy so that your kitchen gets the best ideas.

A few design tips for a small kitchen

Tip #1: Drench in neutrals

Using light colors is helpful as it casts a peaceful aura. It offers an expansive effect to the kitchen. The neutral may be combined effortlessly with a range of colors such that it enjoys endless possibilities. You may add white on countertops, cabinets, ceiling and walls to create a roomy, seamless space. You can layer with white in several shades or even pair with a texture contrasting to ascertain it does not appear mundane. 

Tip #2: Image tricks on cabinets

The kitchen cabinet must not be a functional standpoint purely. You may use these style tricks to expand your vision line. You may choose the cabinets that are ceiling high. It will draw your eyes upward adding height and offer more storage. Adding depth is possible by using glass doors. Having a few solid doors may be required, if so choose subtle shadows recessed panels that offer a stylish look. 

Tip #3: One-stop storage

Right from magic corners to wire baskets, the accessories in the modular kitchen assist the small kitchens to stay organized. You may invest in the modular storage; install a cabinet at one corner so that it conceals toasters, coffeemakers, and other small appliances. There is a need for smart storage. Tight spaces make use of slim pullout pantry items that are accessible easily. 

Tip #4: Make It Airy and Bright

If this is your first modular kitchen that you are designing for your small kitchen, you may consider breaking traditional kitchen boundaries. Consider an open kitchen, by doing away with walls. The counter may be used for dining and preparing meals. It is the kitchen aesthetics that encourages meal times socializing and magnifies openness. You can also incorporate large windows to receive natural light in plenty.

Tip #5: Golden Triangle

There is a need for aesthetic tips and to have it in effect there is a need to follow the golden rule for the small kitchen modular design. The triangle refers to having the refrigerator, your hob and sink in the triangle lines so that ease of access is assured and there is enough space.

Having this triangle maintained assures that two people can work in the same small kitchen without bumping. However, for narrow spaces you can consider a kitchen with single wall. This can have storage, appliances, and the work-space in a single line arranged such that it is a sure shot way of optimizing space.

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