Consider These Valuable Tips Option That Are Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchen Design

Consider These Valuable Tips Option That Are Space Saving Ideas For Small Kitchen Design

Storage space in the kitchen is a premium and is of great consideration in small kitchens. Having a small footprint kitchen means you need not to struggle to fit things. Thus, if consider space saving ideas for small kitchen design, here you go with these tips:

Tip 1: Add a single-bowl sink

Remodeling your kitchen, you may consider a single-bowl sink than the regular double-bowl. You may have one large bowl and enjoy some extra cabinet foot space. Buy a sink of the smaller size with counter and cabinet space that is put to best use.

Tip 2: Make a blind-corner cabinet accessible

Blind-corner cabinets on the inside corners are accessible from one door.  The blind-corner kitchen cabinet allows helps in saving space, but things shoved behind are hard to reach.  Here are a few options:

  • Sliding-shelf mechanisms allowing you to move contents and have it within reach. This can be fit even in existing cabinets.
  • Half-moon shaped shelves are a less expensive option using around 60% space offering the access to contents with ease an these also fit the blind-corner existing cabinets. 

Tip 3: Use the eating area to store dishes

You may consider storing your dishes tactfully. It will mean some extra work. but will offer the ease to use, saving you the kitchen space to place the cooking items. A custom-built cabinet may look appropriate in the dining room, while the dishes stored near the dishwasher is easy to reach. In fact, even glass-front cases or some bookcases make an ideal choice. 

Tip 4: Remove a wall

Visually, removing a wall opens kitchen space and gives a larger feel. You can chat with guests and family member as you are busy in the kitchen. Even if kitchen remodeling is your idea, you may consider peninsula cabinets featuring a seating overhand and a wide countertop. This will also become the preferred spot for kids to complete their homework, offer extra seating for the party guests and to also accommodate cooking projects.

Tip 5: Consider a refrigerator with cabinet-depth

There is a need for refrigerators with cabinet-depth. Cabinets in front take away the floor space and also crowd the passageways. A new kitchen design means to get a refrigerator with shallow-depth. This will give more space in the kitchen and also allow getting cabinet space.

Tip 6: Make the most with roll-outs

The base cabinets have lots of room; all you have to do is reach the back by getting on your knees. The roll-out shelves offer a great solution and with roll-outs cabinets, it can be added easily to existing cabinets.  The narrow roll-outs may be ideal for skinny cabinets and they are perfect for small kitchens to store canned goods, soda or spices. You may stock the roll-our hardware supporting a selection of wire baskets.

Tip 7: Build in your microwave

A very valuable commodity is the counter space in any kitchen and more in small kitchens. Moving off the counter the microwave is the best option freeing up a few extra feet of counter.

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