Curtains according to Vaastu

Curtains according to Vaastu

With the progress of modern lifestyle, home interior design becoming more important these days. Every people use to spend lots of money on their home decoration. There are lots of experts professionals are there who are giving their service services for home decoration and they are getting paid for their service, as we know these people are interior decorators and designers.

As every people want their home more decorated and beautiful than others at any cost with modern facilities.

In this modern lifestyle, there are some people who are very much concerned about “VASTU”, and they want to get their home decorated according to Vastu, these people have very a strong belief for Vastu.

Curtains play very major role in window dressing for any living space. Curtains are very important as per their particular uses. It keep-s privacy for the room and also helps in keeping living spaces warm & cool in different weathers and also keep rooms dust free. Curtain majorly helps in room decoration and style of the room. Curtain pattern, design, drape style brings a comforting and style element for the room.

The Vastu friendly curtains bring fortune and gradually the unfavorable circumstances turn favorable. If you are taking curtains colors as per Vastu, it will change the environment of entire home and make your home calm and quite.

There are a few Vastu tips which you should consider while taking curtains and upholstery for your home decoration.

Colors play a very important role in Vastu. According to Vastu, colors have a psychological effect on human mind. Vastu says charming & sober colors should be used in home. Vastu always recommends white, light blue, deep red and saffron colors to use in house or living areas.

Colors scheme for house also vary according to the zodiac sign or direction of the home.

Bedroom:- Bedroom is very important space of home where we get relax and spend some private time of life, so we always need a bedroom where we have privacy and relaxation, and curtain gives us privacy from outside for the room. Vaastu says to use light colors curtains, what are eye soothing like white, cream & other light colors. Light color gives relaxation and peace of mind, one more important thing we need to keep in our mind while choosing curtains for our bedrooms, always avoid red and black colors curtains for the bedroom, according to Vastu we cannot use black red and dark colors curtains for our bedroom.

Rosy red or pink shades we can use in bed room because these colors are the symbol of deep love. For the newly-weds couple, Pink is an ideal color for their bedroom. Pink brings love in life, the couple who are facing conflict and their life pink is the best color for their bedroom. Even we they can use pink color curtains for their entire home.

As per Vastu Deep or dark red color signify anger so, it should not be used in the bedroom.

Living Room:- Living room has its own importance as per the uses of this space, people usually spend more time in living room while watching TV and doing other stuff, than other rooms. Living room is the family area where people spend more time with the family, friends and their loving one.

We can use dark color curtains for the living room area, the most suitable color for living room curtains are yellow, green, blue beige and tan. These are the colors what we can use for living room curtains.

Dining Room:-The Dining room is a place where we have our food, and it is also a common place in home where all the family members, relative & friends sit together and spend some value time. It is also very important place in home as per the Vastu, like other spaces in home. Vastu says Green, pink &blue color we can use for dining room curtains.

Green is the symbol of hope. It gives healing, harmony, and a good atmosphere and Blue is the color of spring, and new beginnings, Vastu recommend using these colors to use in dining room curtains.

Bathroom: – As we see that Bathroom is the most frequented place in a home, to use by a family member and guests. According to Vastu we should use white, mixture of white and black, gray and pink these are the colors what we can use for our washroom curtains.

Vastu says always choose two fold or double layered curtains for home

You can keep all above Vastu tips while you are shopping for your curtains, above tips will help you in choosing the right colors curtain fabric for your entire home.

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