How to Choose Upholstery Fabric

How to Choose Upholstery Fabric

Now it’s time to reupholster your furniture with new designer upholstery fabrics. It always feels exciting to upgrade your home with new upholstery fabric. We always use to upgrade our home with new arrivals and latest designs but the biggest concern is how to choose color or Fabric that will suit best to our home? There are lots of designs and colors of fabric available in the market or in a store also, you will get so many textures, patterns etc. The first challenge in selecting upholstery fabric is color as color plays very key character in fabric selection that should be coordinated with other stuffs in home.

Here we are sharing some of ideas that will help you in selection of fabric, that will make your job easier, and you can choose your upholstery fabrics easily and give your home an elegant look.

Upholstery Fabrics


The first thing in fabric selection is ‘color’ as we know that color plays a very important role in home decoration. We always carry a color theme to decorate our home so, choosing color of fabric accordingly is very important. Make sure one thing that your color choice should be, soothing that will make your room calm and eye soothing,  avoid vibrant and vary bright color for your room .You can co-relate your fabric color with your curtain, carpet and rest of the interior of  home.

To strike the right mood, we need to consider the color temperature that going to affect your mood. Cool and warm color will affect your mood and that aspect might be affecting your decision too.


Your upholstery fabric choice should be harmonious, attractive and coordinated with other interior stuffs like curtain and carpet that is very important. A large pattern of fabric might work better for large area, as well as a small pattern will go best for small place, and that also depend upon the choice of an individual.

The most important part in upholstery fabric selection is comfort, that how comfortable that fabric is as well as elegant and coordinated with the interior. Because we use to seat and relax so, it is very important to choose fabric which is comfortable in all the weather and condition.

If you have pets that share your furniture with you, then you should choose distressed leather and vinyl fabric, because leather would not attract your pet’s fur and it won’t get dirty so much and also you can clean it easily.


Picking upholstery can be both fun and challenging, yes! It can be heavy investment so we always recommend sticking with a solid fabricin a color you’ll never tire of. Plus, you can always accent your sofa with mix of pillows in fun prints or patterns to give it some personality, if you are choosing solid and bold color fabric for your upholstery.

Choosing fabric would be challenging but one more thing we can’t ignore that their durability of fabric which is most important for us. Let’s take a turn technically, engineered fabrics are stronger than natural fabrics so, while cotton fabric is common choice for every one or for our tropical climate. It should be restricted to pillows and cushions. And the other hand, a combination of cotton, rayon and polyester is great durable option for family choice or you can say for long time investment in your upholstery fabric. If in your home there is kids and pets then, micro fiber fabric, viscos or leather would be your great choice to go. Chenille provides as much durability while lending a luxurious look. So guys! These are the ideas that might help you during selection of your upholstery fabric.


  • To keep upholstery new always, it needs proper maintenance of the fabric.  Maintaining your best suited and your selected fabric is very tough task.
  • Once you find your dream fabric you were looking for, you need to know how you will maintain your fabric from dust, sunlight and other stains.
  • If your furniture placed where sunlight comes directly, avoid cotton and linen because they fade very soon because of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid delicate color if you have pet or kids, choose neutral color for safe side and avoid silk or any fabric with lots of texture.
  • If you want your fabric will go for long time, you need to vacuum your upholstery once in a month to keep your fabric dust and dirt free.
  •  Washable fabrics are also available you can wash it once in a month or as per requirement.
  • Picking right fabric is not just matching your requirement only it will reflect your personality, because your choice will reflect your personality through the choice of your color, fabric and the interior of your home.

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