How to clean kitchen Blinds?

How to clean kitchen Blinds?

“How to clean kitchen blinds?”  This is the most common question asked by the home makers when they are going to buy their blinds. For every home makers keeping their home clean and hygienic is comes on the first priority, and kitchen is on top of the priority list. We observed since blind is in trend, that customers are frequently asking questions for cleaning ideas of their blind.  Kitchen blinds become greasy and oily day by day so we thought, why not help our customer and our readers to make them aware about the cleaning method of cleaning greasy and oily kitchen blind at home. It’s not about only kitchen blinds, how to clean all kinds of blind at home, for that  there are some house hold ideas mentioned below which is going to help in cleaning blinds easily at a very less effort.

The best solution to keep your kitchen blinds clean and dust free with privacy is given below step by step.  As blinds becomes oily and greasy because of daily cooking. So we need to clean our blinds on regular basis.

Before going with the cleaning method mentioned below, always keep one thing in your mind that is, washing instructions mentioned over the blind fabric by manufacturer.

  • Cleaning method depends fully on the material made of the roller blind, than second thing, are they washable or not? If they are washable than follow simple cleaning process for that, remove your roller blind carefully and lay them on floor.
  • When you take off your blind, your blind must be dirty for that you need to vacuum your blind first to remove dust from your blind. You can attach brush to your vacuum and give your blind a deep cleaning with the help of brush.
  • Next, fill the bathtub with warm water and add some laundry detergent to the water and mix it well until suds begin to form on the surface. After that put your blind in bathtub and leave them for couple of hour, if your blind is white than add a small amount of bleach.
  • For greasy and oily roller blind add small amount of white vinegar into your detergent solution and leave your blind in solution for hour, than start wiping with the help of the soft cloth or sponge for remaining dirt and stains. For tough stains, scrub them gently with an old toothbrush.
  • Drain the blinds from soapy water and clean their soap with clean water, rinse the blind again and again until all soap removed. If soap remains on the blind, it will work as a magnet by collecting dirt and dust. With the help of someone you can put your blind under the shower and let them clean.

After that remove your blind from the water and put your blind on roof or you can hang it                until they become completely dry.

Your neat and clean blind is ready to hang, attach them onto the roller and reinstall them over the window.

If they are not washable than we need to clean them with spot cleaning. For spot cleaning follow the above tips which are given till the vacuuming after that use spray bottle with cleaning solution and clean them with soft cotton or sponge.

Do not rub too much or avoid harsh cleanser on the fabric as it may damage the material.

Regular dusting may help you to  keep your blind always clean.

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