How to design your Living Room

How to design your Living Room

Living room is the room where whole family comes together to enjoy the company of each other’s . This is the most common place in a house ,True as name, the living room is a place where family comes together to meet, greet, watch TV and play games. Mostly in our Indian culture, we have only one hall and hence the living room designs may vary to serve different function. Living room is where we live our memory, here MO furnishing giving you an idea how to decorate your living room.

Wall Color

This one is a vital and a very nice thing for creating the right atmosphere and mood. A living room is a space where we spend our plenty time, so it’s make sense to find exactly the right mood, So here is some ideas about wall color, for small rooms, white walls or pastel tones will be appropriate. Anything bolder can create a cramped impression. However, in larger living room designs, your creativity can run riot, with vivid colors and patterns. It all depends upon the style that is being implemented. Once you determined your color try to understand how other colors can be used as an accent. Remember, it is easier to match color if the dominant color is neutral. Working with accents is easy as you can create both bold and subtle looks to match your style.


Find your living space with a beautiful living room wallpaper, to get that exactly what you are looking for, to decorate your home,  visit our showroom,  as we have the largest collection of latest and most exclusive wallpapers we’ll give you exactly the same what you want for your space, and that will be most suitable thing for your home walls. Whether your living room is more of a formal parlor, or a family, a cozy den, or a luxe lounge, our gorgeous wallpaper collection holds beautiful designs for any space. Embellish your living room walls with textures, designs, and polished finishes to compose the perfect space with full of charm, perfect to unwind, entertain, and truly enjoy your home…..!!!!!


Living room furniture should be modern, classy and multi functional. Depends on the layout and space of the living room.  In living room, you can add sofas, sectionals and armchairs for basic seating. Also, add some variety to the setting  by creating a floor arrangement or window seating; these are great options for a small living room.

All of other we can include a coffee table and a bar cart if you use the room as a lounger or entertainment space. Add a few shelves, built in storage to house any electronics, accessories, or a bookcase to keep books, picture frames and Knickknacks in check.

Accessories for living room

Last but not the least!  Accessories can be a final touch for any living room. A modern or minimalist Scandinavian style living room will include a few accessories when they are used they really matter, so adore your living rooms with rugs in moderation, plant, chandelier, vase, bean bags and you can adore your one wall with pictures of your family.


For a living room curtain plays very important role, making the living space more decorated and coordinated according to  the other existing interiors, curtain gives a complete look to living room. It gives room a focal center or a center of attraction, this is the most flexible thing in the room, by changing the design and color of a curtain we can give our living area a different look, also we can change it time to time according to weather, festivals, and mood as well. Curtains that can transform living room into a well decorated and classy space, and it also reflects a characteristics of an individual.

Remedy for living room

When it comes to decorate the larger room using of space is crucial. We can strategies using of carpets, furniture and decoration can create space, balanced room that are a pleasure to spend time in. when dealing with cozier living rooms, it’s all about giving the impression of space.

Add some texture with bricks or tiles and find the right balance of furnishing to create somewhere that is relaxing but not cluttered.


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