How to Maintain your Curtains

How to Maintain your Curtains

Remember the time when you purchased your curtains, the design and the smell of your new curtain, the pure dust free smell of your new curtains. Curtains are an expensive part of home furnishings, so we need to pay attention to remove the dirt. As we know that heavy or designer curtains are required dry clean as mention over the curtains, we all want our curtain neat and clean or you can say spic and span like they are just out of the oven. And for that to happen we have to take care of our curtain or you can say that curtains are also want our attention.

Let’s start with the basic cleaning your curtains with the help of our blog. We will tell you step by step cleaning process of your beautiful curtains.

We all know that heavy and designer curtains need dry-cleans only, but we can do some home remedies to protect our curtains. If you are washing your curtain at home you need to check curtain label that are they washable or not? If they are washable, then you can go with simple cleaning process.

The first step to having your curtains dry cleaned is to remove them. As we know that it’s not an easy task because they are often high, heavy, and dusty and a degree of skill needed to get them off the rail safety. Not only they will be cleaned but all necessary alteration can be made before the curtains rehang and return. Patching and daring can also be done.

If you are cleaning your curtains at home then you need to know tips about the curtains washing at home. Cleaning your curtains is easy once you know how!! Regular vacuuming should be in your daily routine to keep your curtains dirt and dust free. Attach soft brush in your vacuum to remove everyday dust. Light weight curtain can be clean in washing machine.

For allergy suffers, cleaning curtains regularly will provide significant relief to indoor symptoms

Before cleaning you need to know that curtain material made of, it’s important to identify what yours curtain made of before proceeding. If you are unsure about cleaning and maintenance stick to the instructions to avoid permanent damage.

Sheer Curtains

Wash your sheer curtains on a regular basis if they are dirty or not, even if they don’t look dirty because by the time dirt appears they can be permanently discolored. Best way to wash sheer fabrics is to hand wash, take one teaspoon liquid dish detergent. Wash one panel at a time; soak your sheer curtain in water for 10 minutes only than swirling to loosen debris. Drain, refill the sink with cold water and swirl the panel again to remove soap residue.

Garment Fabric Curtain

Take the curtain down and take out all rods, hooks and nobs properly. Shake your curtains outside if possible. Wash two panels at a time on the delicate cycle using the cold setting. They should be washed alone instead of joined other laundry. If you think washing machine can destroy them, then you can hand wash the curtains in your bathtub or sink with mild detergent. After that let them dry in low heat setting and remove immediately from the dryer to prevent wrinkles and rehang. Avoid hanging your curtain in direct sunlight after washing your curtains. You can hang your curtain indoor curtain needs only sufficient air for drying.

Velvet Curtains

Some of the velvet curtain machine washable while other require only dry clean. Before washing you need to check the manufacturer’s label to find which one is yours. In general as we know that lined velvet curtain should be treated dry cleaned only. While without lined velvet curtain panels can be washed one panel at a time.  After washing never put your velvet curtain in dryer, use cotton fabric and laid your velvet curtain on it, cotton will soak water from velvet after that you can hang them.

Dry Clean Only

Formal and lined curtain may have labeled to dry clean only, if you are concern about your expensive and designer to be ruined put them safe and side take them to trusted dry cleaner. If you love your curtain and they are old and you don’t want to change, to keep them new for that give your curtain for dry clean to keep your curtain as new as they were before.

If they are old and you have been thinking to replace them because they are so dingy looking. You can try them by dry clean if there any kind of improvement after dry cleaning you can rehang your curtain, it’s an optional suggestion.

I hope you found your concern in our blog, stay with us we’ll keep posting blogs as your requirement. We are always trying to our blogger aware about the things what they should know.

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