Indian Style Wardrobe Designs – Consider These Design Tips

Indian Style Wardrobe Designs – Consider These Design Tips

Wardrobes are a must in every home and mostly wardrobes are found in the bedroom.  There are Indian style wardrobe designs bringing inspiration and offering a wardrobe that is great looking. Bear in mind the wardrobe cabinets are a must for any bedroom so that you are able to store your clothes and belongings.

Wardrobe Design Tips 

  • Take measurements completely. Make sure you know the height of the ceiling and also the other essentials prior to initiating the wardrobe construction. Consider that you want so that your wardrobe looks like a wardrobe. Consider if you need a lot of racks, shelves or just doors to separate the compartments. Do you need hooks for your bags and robes or you want mere plain shelves, will it present a combo of two colors. Create a good height shelves and store the unused or unworn items in the last. Finally, consider having wardrobes in the open style or keep the wardrobes with shutters. Having an existence of shutter-free makes life convenient, but it accumulates dust. However, you can close the loft using shutters and hinges.

Popular bedroom design ideas 

Modern bedrooms feature neutral tones of white, grey, and black. It will serve simple looks in association with base colors. The walls can feature geometric prints and abstract patterns as the backdrop. The furniture lines may be kept clean incorporating side table and steel bed frames. The walls may feature wallpaper designs, while there can be vibrant color splashes injecting visual interest.  With modern designs the accessories may be minimal the storage is important so that it merges with the room design and maintains enough functionality.

Country style bedrooms may also be considered. If so give neutral shades and keep the lilac, green or blue hint of colors so that it helps in offering a softer look. Ensure to have the wallpaper of the bedroom with floral prints. You may consider the popular choices in country style keeping to white and pine colors.

Industrial style bedrooms can feature unfinished textures and raw elements. A popular choice is the exposed brickwork for a particular style and it characterizes the utilitarian look. to give a industrial look consider white paint brickwork or even aged wood looks the best offering the desired industrial look. Go for exposed ducts and pipes offering the warehouse look. Mainly look for bed frames in iron and ensure to have metal bedside tables so that the light shades in copper compliment and also add cohesion.

Rustic style bedroom can be in complete solid wood and it may be used in association with timber walls, bed frames, ceilings, and flooring. This decor offers a great combination keeping to minimalist design. The combination is perfect with white and black furniture, white walls, large wall hangings, green accents, accessories, and hardwood flooring to blend with large or medium sized bedrooms.

Scandinavian style bedrooms present simplicity, elegance and functionality. Keeping to earthy tones, grey and beige are juxtaposed with walls in white paint. Hardwood floors may be painted white and having vintage trunks and large wooden ottomans placed at the bed edges serve as the right storage units and attractive focal pieces.

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