Latest Modular Kitchen Design – How To Plan A Perfect Kitchen?

Latest Modular Kitchen Design – How To Plan A Perfect Kitchen?

The kitchen is an integral part and a place where maximum time is spent. Thus, it should be designed for functionality and convenience. More people spend money to ascertain it is stylish, classy, and contemporary.  In the latest modular kitchen design, storage in a large amount may be created in a small space. This may work out as expensive. Repair works are also difficult to be carried out in such a kitchen or even replacing it without affecting other kitchen components.

Planning a modular kitchen is easy when it is to be begun from a scratch. However, existing one may be renovated to modernize and to suit your needs. Planning it yourself is best, but taking professional assistance is recommended. You can start a layout planning; consider points of installation for cabinets, chimney, and other fittings. Finally, narrow down to the materials to be used.

A guide on planning latest modular kitchen design 

Design: Basically, do not try aping the kitchen that you visualize in a showroom. This is because you must understand the design and needs that your kitchen needs. Based on the available space, you can go for a C, U or L-shaped kitchen. Having a basic layout, figuring electrical points for an oven, chimney, microwave and electrical appliances is a must. You may identify the sink spot as the plumbing needs to be worked and once it is done, designing the cabinets can be proceeded with.

Storage:  The kitchen area must be used intelligently to have maximum storage space. There is a need to exploit the kitchen corner depth. You also have to pull-out cabinets from floor to ceiling. The storage overhead cabinets create extra space and there is a need not to clutter kitchen. Classify storage as per needs. Have a handy pantry for daily use and for things occasionally used it can be stored in locations less accessible.

Appliances and Accessories: The common appliances in the latest modular kitchens include microwave and ovens as the heat features. There are grills to be installed as a combination of a grill oven and stove top. Choosing appliances means install the ones suitable to your needs and do not look for the appliances you must have seen in any showroom. For instance, an electric chimney may cost around Rs.8000 to over an Rs. 1 lakh. However, it makes no sense to opt for a chimney in the high-end for your kitchen as there is no need for a built-in technology kitchen as it will have frugal use.

Material: The material types you must consider for the kitchen building costs include choosing quality plywood such that it will lower the cost in comparison to the granite or marble. It means you should not choose a material depending on the price. You may consider the humidity, heat, water, material load, and friction effect. For instance, there are materials such as MDF that cannot withstand more weight, while at the same time a white marble may turn over a time yellow. Thus, consult a designer and finalize the materials as per your design.

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