Ideas for Small Space Kitchen Design That Will Elevate the Look

Ideas for Small Space Kitchen Design That Will Elevate the Look

Refreshing a home means it has to begin from the kitchen and honestly there is no better or right place to consider. It means you much consider a suitable kitchen design for small space. Especially, to make your small space kitchen look perfect, you may consider some of these design ideas:

Mix and match finishes

The monochromatic days of the kitchens are far behind. This year, 2018 is about mixing and matching colors. You may consider using multiple colors in the kitchen as it is the trend. For instance, paint cabinets or the base wall in a dark charcoal tone and keep the upper walls and cabinets in off-white creamy tones, your kitchen will look outstanding.

Contrast Marble

The kitchen can get its newest look with a dramatic marble contrast. It will make a statement. Marble countertops featuring high contrast make a statement.  This will be ideal to book-match and create an intense feel. You can also give a view of the waterfall down the sides. This new trend will go for many more years.

All Violet

This year color is ultra violet and this is shaping in the home design as a major trend.  This year boldly go for bold colors. This dramatic color will exude a feel of elegance and luxury.

Wood Counters

The kitchen counters in the wood add warmth to your modular kitchen design. Wood kitchen counters present the old-world charm and give a furniture feel, enhancing the area. It may be considered less utilitarian aesthetic, but it more a place to cook.

Dark Countertops

Deep, dark countertops are the choice of today. The homeowners are intrigued with the tiles coming in dark green, black, and in multi-colored rust tones. You have a range of choices, you can consider any combination of your choice, but remember that the black stones are in growing interest. You may opt for Basalt slate for your design.

Green and Blue Cabinetry

Kitchen with ocean-inspired shades will present a complementing kitchen. You can have one dominant color or go with blues and greens.

Modern and rustic styles in combination

Play with soulful and rustic finishes such as brass unlacquered and silver travertine, keep the sink in solid brass and ensure a honed finish in natural stone allowing a natural look.

Add freshness

Whether you kitchen has reclaimed wood, beautiful brick or vintage tile, do not consider making big changes. Instead, keep your kitchen alive by adding freshness. Plants are a fascinating way of adding freshness even to a stagnant, small space. Adding plants gives you a pleasing feel as you see it everyday morning.

Sky is the limit

Yes, this adage is true. Reach for the sky if you lack the square footage down. Reach for heights. A clever kitchen is in employing some chic storage solutions and adding above the cabinets a row of shelving to give a balanced look. Even have hanging light straight above the table.

Space is not a matter, if you are flexible and ready to be creative.

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