South direction – curtains color based on Vastu

South direction – curtains color based on Vastu

Colors have a great power to inspire our behavior, creating illusions, or setting an environment for a house. From centuries, colors we are using to create our home beautiful.

Here are some Vastu rules for colors, if we are using colors according to Vastu we have to keep few things always in our mind.

Vastu says there are many variables while selecting colors for home and the first variable is “Direction

Colors according to south direction

As Vastu says there is specific color for each and every cardinal direction, because every direction has a ruler planet and that represents a specific color.

South direction: South direction is governed by Mars planet like other planets and this planet represent Pink & Coral red color.  Red color shows power and bravery, normally Vastu says to avoid red color in bedroom because it has an aggressive quality which can affect personal relationships.

So we should use this color curtains in the living & drawing room of this direction. Mostly we do not recommend using this color curtain in the bedrooms.  Pink color is the best color to use in bedrooms even we can use pink color curtain in entire house.

As we have seen that sun is the ruler planets of south direction, and every planets signifies different color for rooms located in particular direction.

Vastu says each color is having link with a particular part of our body.

Each color is linked with a particular part of human body and will affect emotionally, physically and mentally. It has been scientifically proved that colors influence us, though we might not aware of it. Our mood, health, happiness all are affected by the colors around us.


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