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Let the Panel Blind Walk at Your Window Track!

Let the Panel Blind Walk at Your Window Track!

  When it comes to partition of any living place or room and you want to give a beautiful interior, then panel blind would be your first choice after reading this blog!! Panel blind creates magic when we operate this blind, it seems like we […]

How to clean kitchen Blinds?

How to clean kitchen Blinds?

“How to clean kitchen blinds?”  This is the most common question asked by the home makers when they are going to buy their blinds. For every home makers keeping their home clean and hygienic is comes on the first priority, and kitchen is on top […]

Be ready! Monsoon has arrived!

Be ready! Monsoon has arrived!

After scotching heat, finally monsoon has arrived now. Season of love enjoy, refreshment and lots of fun, and the other side moisture, dampness, humidity, leakage etc. it’s time to protect your home from rain to getting ruined.

In rainy season, rains come with damp air and can affect our furniture, drapes, wooden doors & windows swell during monsoon, roofs and exterior walls affect most so many problems come with rain.

Now it’s time to make your home liveliness before its make your mood gloomy and ambience miserable

Keep your entrance dry

In this rainy season, we need to be ready with pre-plan that how we’ll deal with rainand good idea to deal with practical issues with the first thing come first for our home and that is to keep dry our entrance in this rainy season. Keep a tall planter outside the main entrance so when family member or guest come with wet umbrella or rain coat they will leave there.

You can put water resistance door mat at the entrance to stop the muck entering from outside, if you want your home with still stylish and decorative you can put bamboo plants outside the house.

Be careful with Electrics

This is a concern for safety to your family if you haven’t done then do it now, get your electrician ready for monsoon, monsoon can spoil your expensive electronic gadgets as well as it can be turn to dangerous. So, check carefully for electrical connection, replace old loose switches, naked and damaged wire. Try to fix them immediately because naked and insulated wire can lead power failures in monsoon.

Repair Cracks, Leakages and Drainage

Keep your pipes clean and leakage free; make sure that all drains are clean and clear before monsoon coming. Call your plumber once before monsoon to see and check all the pipes and leakages clear. In monsoon roofs and balcony affect more than anything else so make sure that there are no any breakage pipes that affect your house to becoming a house with dampness. Just go through the ceilings of your house that there is not any leakage if you see than fix them as soon as possible.

Door & Windows

One of the biggest issues in monsoon is having wooden doors & windows. These are common problems for monsoon wooden doors & windows get swell and tight during rainy days. So, avoid these problems you need to keep your doors & windows jammed free for that there is simple and home remedy that you can do it yourself, just apply oil to the edges to make them open easily and jammed free.

Curtains & Carpets

If you are using carpets then now it’s time to roll up your carpets, vacuum your carpet then fold them with plastic sheets and keep them away damp because rainy season is not good for the carpets. But, still you want something in your home replacement of carpets then you can bring bamboo mats, acrylic carpets or you can get foot rugs at your doorstep to ensure that mud or slush is not carried in the house.

Replace your heavy curtains with light curtain, in rainy season there is no need of heavy curtains because in monsoon you will not see scorching heat. For that you can replace your heavy curtains with sheer curtains. In this rainy season, we need more air for keeping humidity away.

Above are the don’ts that protect your house to get ruin, above we shared with you how you can make your home leakage and damaged free. Also you can decorate your home in monsoon and make your environment beautiful without any damage.

Lighten your mood with scented candles

if you want to enjoy at the last after so much of exercise that how you can protect your house, then scented candle can help you to make you and your love ones special. Candle are great experiment to create your room warm in rainy season that we need after little cold environment.

Sounds good!

You can make your home beautiful with some simple and effective decorative tips, You can put wind chimes in balcony or at the window, so when air comes and touches the wind chimes  you will hear a mesmerizing sound that can heal your tired and make you feel stress free These chimes voice can change your mood and give you a calm and soothing environment in monsoon. You can enjoy your rainy days with this beautiful and mesmerizing sound.

Use oil lamps

You can use oil lamps as decorative item as well as a room freshener; oil lamps are new in markets. You can buy a pair of lamp and place them in living room and bedroom in monsoon. It will help to give you a atmosphere with fragrance.

Cushion Cover

Want your room to be cheerful in rainy season, here an effective and simple idea that can give your home a life with joy. If you don’t want to do so much then you can just add cushions with little bright color that can change your simple environment into a crispy and cheerful in this rainy season.

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