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Wardrobe Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms India

Wardrobe Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms India

A bedroom is a place that offers time to relax, spend time and sleep. Generally, people are disappointed as their bedroom is small and they are unable to store more. Now honestly, there is nothing to fear, even the smallest bedroom has the potential to […]

A Few Tips to Your Bedroom Wardrobe Design India

A Few Tips to Your Bedroom Wardrobe Design India

Storage of clothing is a humble affair comprising of a simple closet, chest of drawers, and a coat rack. It is nice to have a walk-in wardrobe offering room to access everything in one place. There is no need of searching every closet to store […]

Wardrobe designs for Indian homes – Consider These Pointers

Wardrobe designs for Indian homes – Consider These Pointers

Customizing a wardrobe implies there is a need to consider multiple factors. There are ready-made wardrobes available in standard sizes, pre-set colors, and are freestanding to fit anywhere in a room. While the customized wardrobes are always a longer process as the decision making takes much time. In fact, the process is longer as it begins with taking measurements of the wardrobe and it involves spending ample time in taking a final decision. Before deciding on the wardrobe designs for Indian homes there is a need to clarify these questions and to customize your wardrobe.

Materials used

There is a need to understand the materials used the color options and the finishes available. Many homeowners do not give any importance during the process of wardrobe construction. However, this may be risky if they use inferior materials resulting in a wardrobe design that is less sturdy. The color and finish options helps in determining the wardrobe appearance overall. Consider the colors that go well, ensure perfect finish and it should complement the design of your bedroom.

Storage options

The storage options are addressed as it helps in determining the wardrobe interior.  The storage options must be ideal and the designer should comprehend your requirements to provide the required storage specifications in the design. There are storage options available and it can be combined in various ways together to create a customized wardrobe for the requirements.


The storage ration is based on the items number and so there is a need to decide if you need hanging or folding choices. Idea is to have 2/3 wardrobe hanging and the remaining 1/3 as drawers or shelving. In case you wish to shove the shoes in the wardrobe, having each storage type in the 50:50 styles is the best.


There is a need for wardrobe lighting so that you can see in one glance. Having LED lighting sensors is considered to be the best as they save energy. Another advantage is that they are suitable for narrow spaces and they do not emit heat. Having a warmer lighting in a wardrobe is the best as you get to see the clothing’s actual color and it also is softer to your eye. Wardrobe designs ensuring lighting that is flattering is best, so that all your items inside are also safe.

Lockable wardrobe

Security is important and so there is a need for lockable wardrobes. You can look for lockable wardrobes that act as shutters and feature inside compartments. The wardrobe should provide the expected security to ensure satisfaction. Thus, there is a need to communicate before designing the wardrobe with the wardrobe designer regarding the security concerns and to find a proper solution.


The installation processes is the final step and so ensure to have it installed in the right place. The entire wardrobe once complete means you must be sure of the place you wish to have it installed. Thus, there is very little or absolutely no mess in installing the product finally.

Laminate Wardrobe Design – The Best Choice for Longer Term

Laminate Wardrobe Design – The Best Choice for Longer Term

Wardrobe laminate make great combination of products. There is a wide variety available such as metal, wooden, and plastic. Choose from antique and modern designs. Laminate Wardrobe Design products come with color combinations that they are highly popular in Oceania, North America, and Domestic market. […]

The Look of Your Wooden Wardrobe Design Using Laminate

The Look of Your Wooden Wardrobe Design Using Laminate

Wood is a renowned choice for wardrobe designs. Right from the ancient times to present times, wood is the most common materials used for furniture building. Here are a few ideas of wooden wardrobe designs to amp up utilizing your laminate for wardrobe look: Different […]

Laminate Wardrobe Doors Elevate the Glamour Height

Laminate Wardrobe Doors Elevate the Glamour Height

Maximizing the space and preventing dust in your room implies you need a fitted wardrobe in your designer bedrooms. There are endless designs and styles to fit laminate wardrobe doors expressing your style, making you feel like a queen or a king.

Custom fitted wardrobes earlier were only for the very rich people or elegant hotels. Fortunately, you can get the same style and opulence in your bedroom. You will be glad to have a beautiful wardrobe in your own designer bedroom to meet your needs with exact number of drawers as required.

Spacious, convenient, essential, are the three facts of any bedroom wardrobe and the functionality is the foremost thing coming to mind. Normally, a bedroom wardrobe occupies one of the four walls and so besides the usefulness, it plays an important role offering the aesthetic fell such that it may break or make the space ambience.

Normally these bedroom wardrobes are in wood or have wooden colors.  However, they feature laminate doors for the wardrobe bringing creativity such that one can be satisfied by its predictability. However, you can consider some clues and come out free from the regular traditions and keep the wardrobe differently. You may consider the bedroom wardrobe to highlight by spelling some magic of colors.

A few tips

Keep it demure and subtle and ensure the attention is captured

It is crucial to decide that you wish to highlight in your bedroom. There is a need to create attention, but at the same time, it should be subtle so that it does not create distraction. Get the wall painted beautifully and ensure it is the room center of attraction. Choose a demure shade that appears subtle for the wardrobe and goes well with the wall color and the wardrobe doors.

Create an illusion of roominess

The real challenge is to make the bedroom appear spacious with its furniture. You may follow the philosophy of a single color to make the space look calm and roomy. You can keep in soft tones. Take a clue and select your preferred pastel shade or even consider the most peaceful one, white.

Magical blocks of color

There is no need to settle for a single color. You can always include some drama with color blocks into the room. This will not look good on the wall as a design, but on the laminate wardrobe will stir magic. Solid colors go with the décor in harmony. Some colors are literally made to go in pair with each other. Going for a single color is good, but if you have an option open, go for two solid colors to match the room décor and allow the wardrobe to stall tall so that the beauty of the room is enhanced.

Different wood shades

The wood color will be in the natural shade and you can consider different shades hidden. If the wooden wardrobe is normal and too boring style, you may pick that suits your style and personality. You may play with the wood texture and shades, making it a funky furniture piece.

Latest Wardrobes Designs – Consider the Factors

Latest Wardrobes Designs – Consider the Factors

Finding a proper balance of functionality and style between the latest wardrobes designs is a must and it is tricky to have the bedroom furniture in association with the wardrobe. There are fashionably designed, spacious wardrobes of celebrities and stylists. Drawing inspiration and getting on […]

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