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Benefits and types of modular kitchens

Benefits and types of modular kitchens

When we think about the possibility of renovating the kitchen, the first decision that must be taken is what kind of furniture will be used: modular kitchen or made to measure. The differences are enough and go beyond the price. Therefore, we must take into […]

Beautiful Ways of Sizzling a Small Kitchen

Beautiful Ways of Sizzling a Small Kitchen

Is your galley in a small space or in a high rise, here are a few decorating ideas to assist you in ending up with an appetizing kitchen. Here are a few ways of renovating your small kitchen: Downsize it Small spaces may be a […]

Space Saving Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Space Saving Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you visualizing a space crunch on the process of designing your dream kitchen? Below mentioned are top six practical ideas that can transmogrify your small spaced kitchen into an effective haven for cooking.

With the rise in the real estate prices and the shrinking of necessary spaces, a small kitchen design layouts is an issue that is common for most of the houses. However, the correct layout and pre-planning can give way to an attractive kitchen – it does not matter how much cramped up is the space.

Listed below is space saving ideas for the small kitchen which can be implemented easily in apartments, compact houses and also studios. The ideas can work well for open kitchens also.

  • Classic straight kitchen:

The classic straight kitchen is the most preferred layout for a small kitchen design idea. The straight or one wall kitchen is the most flexible and simplest configurations. This is workable for the counter widths which can be as narrow as four centimeters, perfect for placement of sink, stove, and worktop alongside a continuous surface. For a similar reason, this type of layout allows multiple numbers of people to cook together.

Also, a small kitchen area does not have to be dingy and dark. Bright colored set against a completely pristine white set up endows in an energetic vibe. Also, light colored cabinets and counters are said to represent a good idea as it tends to enlarge visually space, making it appear less cramped.

  • Parallel kitchen with open layouts:

Why do you have to design a kitchen that is closed off from behind the walls? The unique all-white styled galley or parallel kitchen works well as it combines the kitchen with the dining area. This kitchen layout allows you to cook at the same time share table with your family members and be entertained. This kitchen type is indeed best for Sunday brunches.

Also, open shelves just above the counters can effectively be utilized to stack spices, dishes, and cutlery as closed cabinets sometimes can be thoroughly oppressive in spaces that are small. A counter that is parallel can hold the sink with a fridge in space between serving as a breakfast counter as well.

  • Going with u shaped kitchen:

With proper planning, your open U shaped layout can be adapted into a small and efficient kitchen. This kind of stylish kitchen includes in overhead cabinets, built in appliances, pull outs and various other essentials within a limited area. The oven and hob sink can be placed adjacent to one another for an effective work triangle. Contemporary, sleek pendant lights with a pair of bar stool endow a prim and proper breakfast nook on outer arm. White finishes with white oak enhance in well a good space sense, maximizing available light on the work surface.

  • Use corner space:

Small kitchen design makes perfect use of each available space inch, involving the tricky corners. In this case, L shaped layouts can definitely be a good choice. This kind of sleek kitchen has 2 counters that are placed in a direction adjacent to one another, with an array of inbuilt storage units.

Since counters are placed against the wall, therefore it involves enough space for circulation for the purpose of cooking and moving around.

  • Kitchen endowing warm essence:

A small open kitchen provides a good chance for creating cozy, warm space for cooking. A mild play of light and along with exposed brick wall endows in a warm and homely environment. Also, overhead cabinets provide good storage space. Also, the wall mounted shelves on the parallel wall works well for the display of crockery.

  • Go for glass doors:

Set up the small kitchen against the French windows or glass doors to make good use of the natural light. This airy and bright modern kitchen uses compact L shaped layout. This primary cooking space along with sink and hob is lined well against a single wall. Also, a short perpendicular arm endows added counter space, working as an informal table. A good blend of closed cabinets, open shelves, and pullouts endow you with an array of options for storage.

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