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Ideas for Small Space Kitchen Design That Will Elevate the Look

Ideas for Small Space Kitchen Design That Will Elevate the Look

Refreshing a home means it has to begin from the kitchen and honestly there is no better or right place to consider. It means you much consider a suitable kitchen design for small space. Especially, to make your small space kitchen look perfect, you may […]

Beautiful Ways of Sizzling a Small Kitchen

Beautiful Ways of Sizzling a Small Kitchen

Is your galley in a small space or in a high rise, here are a few decorating ideas to assist you in ending up with an appetizing kitchen. Here are a few ways of renovating your small kitchen: Downsize it Small spaces may be a […]

What Factors Determine The Price Of A Modular Kitchen?

What Factors Determine The Price Of A Modular Kitchen?

From scratch, if you construct a kitchen then it can burn holes in the pocket but this is before modular kitchen gained popularity. The modular kitchen consists of standard units or modules that are available in fixed price. By this way, you get to know the price of your modular kitchen before actually investing on it.

What is the cost of the modular kitchen?

Most of the sites endow expensive price without actually revealing the details of the modules. In contrary to belief, the modular kitchen price can serve to be pocket-friendly once if we understand one’s personal priorities.

While the price of the basic modular kitchen begins from Rs.1 lakh, it inches up basis the factors mentioned below:

Size of the kitchen:

The layout and the size of the kitchen whether U, L, parallel, straight or island affects directly the price of the modular kitchen. A large kitchen is fit enough to accommodate modules.

It is based on how the kitchen is used. For instance, a full-time baker ideally makes optimum utilization of the modules in the average-sized kitchen. In a similar fashion, a more a less frequent traveler who does not spend time cooking has the option to opt for a bare module in the sprawling kitchen.

Cabinet finishes and material:

There involve several options for cabinet finishes that are available in Indian markets like polymer, acrylic, laminate and membrane foil. Out of the options, laminate and acrylic are the ones most preferred by the buyers.

Acrylic is said to be the most expensive because it is scratch resistant and also delivers a look that is glossy. It is followed by a poly UV finish. Laminates are just perfect for the ones on a budget. Hi-gloss laminate touch or finishes are expensive than matt finishes. However, matt finishes require constant care as it tends to have sober or muted appearance.

The price of your modular kitchen is affected by both interior and exterior finishes. Similarly, you must keep the humidity and heat in mind when you select materials for the cabinets.


Basis the utility, you must choose the accessories that well complements the kitchen design. Not utilizing them on a frequent basis can be a waste. For instance, if you like crockeries, then plate holders are a good way to assure that they do not break. If you have a big family, a double bin holder is recommended.

You must choose exactly what you require from our wide range of accessories to keep your kitchen price on the check.

Backsplash and countertop material:

Corian, Quartz and polished granites are said to be favorites for the countertops because they appear natural and have a high-end finish. Quartz is said to be most costly but each of the material is available in varied range basis the quality.

This can also be the same for the backsplash. The buyers opt for eye catchy materials like metals, glass and also stone, therefore it becomes the focal point of the kitchens. At present in the markets, ceramic tiles are gaining the popularity.


Like the accessories, you must get appliances which are used frequently to avoid any unwanted splurging. Inbuilt appliances like dishwashers, oven are generally costly than other conventional counterparts as it endows great comfort and is available in seamless designs.

You must thoughtfully invest in a range of appliances so that the price of your modular kitchen is a perfect match with your budget.

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs

If you travel to any region or state, then you would realize that the food is genuinely central to the Indian culture. Showing up with little surprise, when we buy a new home or revamp an older one, we generally treat kitchen to be a […]

Top 5 Impressive Color Schemes for Your Kitchen Design

Top 5 Impressive Color Schemes for Your Kitchen Design

Slowly and steadily, Modular kitchens are attaining a typical standard in the Indian homes. These modular kitchens come in distinct styles and colors. The colors represent a contrast and blend of cool and warm colors, sober palettes and solid streaks mixed with a hint of […]

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets – The Latest Indian Kitchen Design Style

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets – The Latest Indian Kitchen Design Style

This is a blog that is keen to enlighten you regarding the basics and inform you about everything you require to know regarding the Indian Kitchen Design material utilized in Indian houses. In this blog, we will endow you with a comprehensive outlook of kitchen cabinets made of acrylic.

Do you crave to update your kitchen? Does your old Indian Kitchen Design make you feel monotonous? No need to fret, you can, in fact, brighten up the kitchen space and endure it a much-needed uplift by inculcating, adding or strewing in acrylic oriented kitchen cabinets.

A wide range of smooth Acrylic based kitchen cabinet when paired with the stylish Indian Kitchen Melamine; endure the interior kitchen design for cabinets to a distinct height of modern look and ambiance. The interplay between the texture and color are loved by the fashionista and family members.

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

What is the meaning of acrylic?

Acrylic is a kind of finish which is non-toxic in nature giving a perfectly smooth appearance, texture and a high glossy look to the kitchen cabinets. Acrylic kitchen cabinets come in a wide and distinct range of colors and finishes, giving a mirror-like, resplendent semblance to the cooking area.

What are the different types of acrylic oriented kitchen cabinets?

In the market the acrylic faced doors and the solid acrylic doors are the basic two kinds of kitchen based cabinets available. The solid acrylic door is higher in price because it is completely designed of acrylic throughout its way, stating that these doors are richer, stronger, contemporary and color oriented. However, the solid acrylic doors are not much costly. The overall process of fixing the acrylic finish to the door of the kitchen is quite an elaborate and hectic task. The acrylic sheet is firmly pasted on the MDF board and then fixed to the door of the kitchen. After this, the pasted sheet is carefully covered with a layer which is protective and firmly sealed towards the edge.

kitchen cabinet

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen cabinets having acrylic finish:

The recent aged kitchen having acrylic finish has outmaneuvered the modern Interior Design of Kitchen by storm. But in germane to most of the finishes, the acrylic finish is such which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


  • The acrylic kitchen finish endures the kitchen with an inviting, ultra glossy and fashionable look when the comparison is made with a membrane finish or laminate.
  • It can face a great deal of natural wear or tear and damage because of its hard and solid wearing nature.
  • Acrylic finish comes in distinct and wide color range. Therefore, it has sufficient purview for customization.
  • It is able to retain the brightness and hue for considerable a long time, generally for years.
  • It is scratch, moisture and UV light resistant.
  • The acrylic finish can be cleaned easily with water and a mild soap.
  • This is a finish that brings forth an amazing textural contrast when it is clubbed well with distinct variety of materials for the backsplash.


  • The stains, dirt, and fingerprints are visible easily on the surface which is glossy in nature on the Acrylic finish. Therefore, it requires regular or daily cleaning.
  • The acrylic finish is said to be a premium-oriented finish. When compared to various other finishes, acrylic is extremely expensive, superior and quality based.
  • A difference in shading might occur if you plan to replace the cabinet door of the kitchen with a similar hue after using it for years.

kitchen cabinets having acrylic

A hub for a healthy home, the kitchen must be treated in an essential manner. You must select the top class finishes for relevant cabinets so as to make sure that they are in good and usable condition for a long time. Though laminate might be the favorite which has been in use by the Indians for ages, however, the new updated trend reveals that the acrylic finish is steadily winning over the hearts of the Indians because of its superiority and quality. Therefore, while planning your kitchen make sure that you go for the acrylic finish kitchen cabinets for the best experience.

The Benefits of Modular Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

The Benefits of Modular Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

Traverse to any region or state, you will find that food is a central attraction to Indian tradition and culture.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when we purchase a brand new home or revamp an old house, we naturally regard kitchen as a […]

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