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6 Keys :  Create a Living Room for the Whole Family

6 Keys : Create a Living Room for the Whole Family

The living room is one of those spaces in the house where many activities, tastes, and personalities converge. It can be a game room, television, desk, reading room, exercise, etc. Ugh! The list could go on and on. For this reason, decorating and furnishing the […]

Best Designs for Your Living Room

Best Designs for Your Living Room

Your living room is the highlight of your house. It is where you welcome your guests, and spend most of your time. Thus, your living must be lavishing, decent, and also welcoming, it should have all the comfort and homely feel to it. with so […]

Excellent Ideas to Bright up Your Living Room Decor

Excellent Ideas to Bright up Your Living Room Decor

A living room is usually the first room where your house buns at. All your guests are attended here and you also pend a lot of time here. thus, your living room must be adequate and also be nicely decorated with all the interiors in place. Here are some ideas which you can use to gear up your living room decor game and have an excellent living room to welcome yourself and all the people who pay you a visit.

  1. Try to put in a theme

The theme could be based on a specific color, or a combination of colors. You could have things which are highlighted int eh same colors to give out a perfect image what you are thinking. It could also e based upon something else like a forest, an aquarium, a park, a natural scent, or anything else. A theme goes a long way and is quite interesting to collect tiny bits of the living room decor for a theme.

  1. Involve a carpet

A carpet under the center table, your sofa, or any other furniture looks quite luxurious. It makes your place look bigger and better. thus, involving a carpet is a must. However, the color, and the work of the carpet must not be to take all the attention. It must just add, and not take away what is in there.

  1. Make sure the lighting is excellent

A very dim lighting can ruin the mood of the living area, an a very bright one can exaggerate the colors a little too much. Make sure you have a decent lighting which makes sure that the vision is great, but also the views are all natural.

  1. A center pieces make it all the more appealing

If you can add fantastic center piece in your living area, which can be a mirror, or chandelier, or a huge vase at any corner, it would just sit together really well. the center piece usually adds a lot of charisma and appeal to the room and makes it look all the better in so many ways.

  1. Keep it a little disoriented

Well perfection does not exist. Then why no enroll something in your loving are which acts like a flaw but also adds to the disorientation in an attractive manner. T could be a different colored sofa, a plant in a luxurious setting, a funky accessory which does not go with the room but still it is lovable. Anything as such works and will make your room quite interesting for everyone who visit you and looks at your place.

With that said, there are a lot of things you can do for your living space. It is totally on you, how you would want to take it. make sure you take your time, and then only go for it. living room interior is not a thing which you take on everyday. So, make sure that when you do it, you do it in the best way possible.

Rooms Colour Combination Needs to be Prioritized Giving Importance

Rooms Colour Combination Needs to be Prioritized Giving Importance

Colors are always very powerful and they possess the power of influencing the mood and tone of any room. They have a great impact and most people fail to realize its influence. Choosing rooms color combination for homes must be given importance. Significance of colors  […]

Tips for Planning and Designing of Your Living Room

Tips for Planning and Designing of Your Living Room

The planning and designing of seating space in the living room must always begin with keeping in mind the positions of the doorways. In a living room which is ideally designed incorporating all the Interior Design Ideas, you will notice that the pathways for movement […]

Best Tips to Plan the Layout for Your Living Room Design

Best Tips to Plan the Layout for Your Living Room Design

Whether you have decided to build a new house, revamp an existing living room with updated Interior Designs or simply reposition the furniture you have in the living room; whatever it is, the act of embellishing your room is best performed with a spectacular plan in mind. It might come across to be a matter which is simple like the duty of moving a chair or squishing the sofa, but nonetheless even the most uncomplicated parts regarding space planning might seem complex. Before, you begin with heavy lifting; you must stride upon few experts oriented layout tips clubbed with well-planned Interior Designs for designing a living room.

Following are the layout plans which you must consider while designing your living room:

Rearranging and arranging of the furniture according to plan: The preference of every individual pertaining to the stance of Interior Design Ideas are different. Few like to take a lot of time and sketch out each and every detail articulately. However, for folks who fall under this category, we suggest, to begin with, a scaled oriented drawing of the existing space in the living room, with the inclusion of measurements of existing furniture, so as to make a detailed cut-out of every piece. Moreover, it is much simpler and easier to rearrange the furniture pieces on the paper than physically move it.

For those who prefer to be quick and spontaneous, there is altogether a distinct route. You require blocking out a good time, call in few friends or family members so as to assist you to move the furniture out. Move out each and everything present in the living room, so that you are able to get a new idea of the existing room which can enable you to plan the Interior Designs. Place the object and visualize what exactly the room appears like. Each and every time, you think of different configurations or new Interior Design Ideas, you must give it a moment and see how it will feel like once arranged according to what you are thinking.

living room designs idea

These are the few tips which you must keep in mind before the arrangement of the things in the living room:

  • You must keep about 14 to 17 inches gap between the coffee table and upholstery.
  • You must make sure that you create a walking space of two to four feet in the main pathway.
  • If you think of placing furniture in accordance to a particular angle, you must know that it is likely to take a great deal of superfluous space. Therefore, when deciding upon any angle think a million times as it might make your living room look clumsy.
  • Try the art of applying the concept of symmetry – this concept generally works for living rooms.

Structure things according to the scale: Most of the designers emphasize the importance of the size of the furniture present in the living room. Furniture which is correctly scaled can play a part in making or breaking a room.

Only because the scale and size of a particular piece appear correct in the store does not really mean it will look good in your living room. Rooms which are large, require large furniture while rooms which are small in size require a smaller scale of furniture.

living room furniture ideas

However, above all, you must make sure that whatever you purchase is damn comfortable. You must choose furniture that suits and fits your taste and the look of the living room. You can also try out distinct structured pieces. However, few folks prefer furniture which is bigger in size so that they can curl it up while other folks prefer furniture which is petite.

Purchasing furniture: A brand new living room generally means up-to-date and new furniture. For a living room, you must select a sofa first as it is the largest piece of furniture that is present in the room. On the occasion of purchasing a sofa, you must go for a size which is moderate, so that it can be utilized in future homes in places like libraries or dens.

In consideration of your entertainment requirements, select your furniture which can be utilized with artistic and larger groups used for embellishment.  For availing more seating space, slip in a bench or add an ottoman that is used as a side table.

living room design gurgaon

Deal with television set: A television doesn’t necessarily look pretty, but for most of us, it is an object which you must have in the living room. Fortunately, the flat screen TV sets have lessened the design-oriented dilemma. While placing a television set, you must keep relevant comfort in mind and make sure that you do not hang it at a greater height as it might leave you with a neck ache every time you view the TV. You can place the TV set at a little height overhead the fireplace until and unless there is an adjustable distance so that the placement doesn’t leave you with a neck strain. However, it is advised not to place the television at a height of more than ten feet or less than seven feet from the sofa.

The living room is one which is considered the most essential and visible areas of a home, utilized by both family members and guests. Once you purchase the furniture for the living room, you witness a massive task of structuring an efficient plan pertaining to the Interior Design Ideas. Prim and proper placement, adjustment and fixing assists you to avail the best by making great use of the available space, thereby creating a grand setting for all the folks at the home. For more details Book our free consultation Today.

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