Take a peep into the Wardrobe latest designs India

Take a peep into the Wardrobe latest designs India

Working with interior designers for the right design for your wardrobe is a huge task. You need to consider various factors such as the wardrobe type, the materials used, and the cost. Wardrobes are available in various materials and once can experiment for the exteriors and interiors with different materials separately. The wardrobe latest designs India include:

Plywood doors are the common providing the highest durability of materials. As the wardrobes do not get exposed moisture, the feature of water resistant is overlooked. The fact is that plywood’s bend from middle in case the doors are longer than 7 feet. Under such conditions, using a block board is the best. Block board are softwood strips sandwiched between the hardwood veneers glued by high pressure. This helps in making it anti-bend, while its durability is inferior to plywood. However, the old-favourite is the plywood that is expensive to block boards.

Wardrobes Types

Wardrobes may be classified based on the doors layout. There are mirror-framed doors raging among the masses. There are newer formats making the mark with sliding doors that is craved for all. There are new designs full of glamour and style created with sliding sets of doors.  But, these come at high cost as setting up is difficult.

Sliding doors

More economical are the sliding doors that are with traditional hinges, full panel shutters, and external drawers. It offers additional space for accessories and clothes to be placed within a wardrobe. One can camouflage, with a polished veneer giving a chic look. The cost-effective types are wardrobes featuring no external drawers. It is important to keep the shutters width on check so that they bear the heavy hinges burden.

Parameters of costing

The wardrobe size will stay proportional as per the price. Manufacturers, typically create wardrobes in depth of 18 inches, while 24 inches is the standard size. The size requirement varies for all and so it is crucial to check with your wardrobe designer in advance. Also, consider the wood kind used to play. A large variety is available as materials and it includes from timber wood and normal teak to expensive oak and maple furnishings. The chosen materials are important as the cost of one-time offers the longevity.

Multifunctional wardrobes

Designers can create multifunctional wardrobes featuring a chest of drawers and a TV unit.  The other designs that can be incorporated are:

  • See-through cupboard: This is a wonderful alternative to have see-through ones replacing the traditional cupboard. It allows you to see inside the cupboard without the need to open the gates.
  • Cupboard featuring drawers: Incorporating storage units of different types in one cupboard offers a fully functional furniture piece. This will feature two additional drawers on the bottom and the top of the fixture.
  • Sleek style: This is a wardrobe in the sleek style to fit comfortably into your room. It is a better alternative in comparison to the traditional cupboards.
  • Vintage: You can incorporate into your bedroom a classic charm as a must. Add glass screens so that you room appears larger.

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