The Central Island – The Star of The Kitchen

The Central Island – The Star of The Kitchen

At the heart of the kitchen, the central island attracts all attention. In recent years, he has revolutionized the design of this living room with a new vision of space. Far from a traditional layout, the central island is the focal point of the kitchen. Fashioned in different shapes and sizes, it adapts to all configurations (or almost). Small or imposing, curved or square, wood or laminate, the central island also raises the question of its content. With simple storage for the most basic, it can also shelter a cooking pole with a hood and a water point. Variations among which it is sometimes difficult to find oneself there.

  1. Black for a trendy central island

For several seasons, black is coveted in the kitchen. The central island does not escape this trend with furniture full of character. Black brings a lot of elegance to the island and the open room on the dining room. Minimalist and refined, the style of the kitchen is based on a completely black set, from the front of the furniture to the worktop.

  1. An imposing central island in the heart of the kitchen

With a water point and a cooking pole, this central rectangular island is at the center of all the attention in the kitchen. In a contemporary style, it sports smooth facades in gloss lacquer like other kitchen furniture. An elegant choice in contrast with the interior of walnut veneer furniture.

  1. The central island is a kitchen by itself

In a large block, the central island represents the entire kitchen with storage, a water point, and a large work plan. It also serves as a transition between a preparation area and the tasting place, in the dining room. In a neutral style and a marriage of wood and white, it remains quite discreet despite a space saving ideas for small kitchen.

  1. A central island adapted to small kitchens

With its storage space, cooking pole and bar area, this central island have many assets without taking up too much space. Its particular shape structures the kitchen space and allows to create a friendly island in a room not always spacious. The bright white furniture also brings beautiful light and give the impression of a larger kitchen.

  1. Wood for a contemporary and bright island

In continuity with the rest of the kitchen, the central island placed on the wood. In a clear shade, it is both natural and modern. In the center of the kitchen, it provides more space for preparation while being a friendly place. Its bright niches are an opportunity to highlight beautiful books and adored objects.

  1. Conviviality around a central deco island

In a large kitchen, a central island is a warm place where we meet before the meal and at any time of the day. The work plan extends to serve as a bar where we take, for example, a coffee on high stools. With a space saving idea for small kitchens with a majority of low furniture, the central island kitchen also completes the storage. In the continuity of the kitchen, it displays a sober style with flat black facades and a wooden worktop.

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