The Look of Your Wooden Wardrobe Design Using Laminate

The Look of Your Wooden Wardrobe Design Using Laminate

Wood is a renowned choice for wardrobe designs. Right from the ancient times to present times, wood is the most common materials used for furniture building. Here are a few ideas of wooden wardrobe designs to amp up utilizing your laminate for wardrobe look:

Different types of Laminate for wardrobe

There are basic wardrobe designs that can be used. You can take into account various factors such as decor type, space, and cupboard size prior to finalizing a design. However, it is ideal to work with interior designers to get the appropriate wardrobe design. You must take various factors into account such as the wardrobe type, the materials used, and cost. The wardrobes are available in variety of materials. There is a choice to experiment different materials for the exteriors and interiors.

Plywood doors are common as it provides the best durability among all the materials. Since wardrobes are exposed hardly to moisture, it is easy to overlook its advantage of being highly water resistant. However, plywood’s are inclined to bend from the middle in case the long doors are considered.

A blockboard, in such conditions can be used. Actually, the block board refers to the softwood strips. They are sandwiched among the hardwood veneers glued owing to high pressure. However, the mechanism helps in keeping from bending, but generally with respect to durability the plywood is inferior. Plywood is a highly preferred wood that is costlier relatively to the blockboards.

There are melamine and wood veneers offering the best finishes. Veneer is a wood scraped thin slice from a tree log, while the melamine is a laminate cheaper version used in the decorative purposes. With veneer, you can enjoy from the woods a natural look. There are different veneer varieties in maple, teak, oak, etc, such that it is available at higher cost as the process is cost-intensive.

Melamine is available at a lower cost as it is simple to maintain.  They are water and scratch water proof, but it cannot be customized.  The advantage is you can redo anything with melamine as it is a decorative item, while the veneers may be customized to large extent as per ones choice.

Wardrobes Types

Wardrobes are classified broadly as per the doors layout. The doors are mirror-framed and have been among the masses.  The newer formats, with time have begun marking their mark and the newer set of designs are in full glamour and style when it features sliding door sets. Of course, these may cost a little high.

  • Sliding doors: The sliding doors are expensive, instead considering full panel shutters featuring external drawers and traditional hinges is recommended. It offers extra space for the accessories and clothes to be accommodated in a wardrobe. Camouflaging the hinges, with polished veneer offers the desired chic look. These are the cost-effective wardrobe types without external drawers, offering the best look to the wardrobe. However, it is important to check the shutters width so that it does no cause burden on the hinges.

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