These Are the Best Room Decoration Ideas

These Are the Best Room Decoration Ideas

We give you the best suggestions to give that modern and casual touch to the heart of your home

The room is probably the most important room in our home. It is usually the first impression that our guests have regarding the decoration of our house, and therefore, it is a good idea that the decoration of our room has a little more production than the rest of the house.

The decoration of rooms is an art, whether you have a large space, or that it is as small as a hall, it is almost an obligation to create a cozy and elegant place to spend time with our family and our visitors. For this reason, the experts in interior design show us their proposals to decorate our room in a modern way but always looking for comfort and functionality.

Forbidden large furniture in small spaces:

If our room is rather small, then we should forget the idea of decorating it with those huge pieces of furniture that occupy a whole wall and are only used to charge the television.

More and more, living room decor trends invite us to opt for furniture with more slender lines, which also add a feeling and an elegant touch to space. You can mount the TV in simple monochromatic furniture and decorate the walls with mirrors or colored squares according to the theme of your room.

Carpets in light colors, something you should have

A light colored carpet can really make a room look more spacious.

If the floor of your room is in dark tones, then a long-haired carpet in pearl tones will be the ideal piece. On the contrary, if the floor is in light colors, then try putting a rug on another carpet to achieve a cozy look.

Do not fear the darkness.

Do not be afraid to use bold dark colors, even in a small space. Lighter colors can make the room look bigger, but deeper shades add drama and style.

It is not necessary to paint your walls black and turn your room into a gothic castle, simple details such as curtains, a dark coffee table or a thick black frame on the wall, will make the decoration of your room is impeccable.

Separate the sofa from the wall

Another idea is to bring majesty to the sofa, and this is as easy as giving it a push and installing it in the center of the room and not against a wall.

This furniture is the pillar of the room, where you can spend hours and hours chatting with your family or your guests, so it is important that this has a key place in the decoration of our room. By separating the armchair from the wall, you can choose to add a plant in that space, so you will highlight it in an elegant way, as well as creating a greater sensation of spaciousness.

Say “Yes” to natural light.

Modernizing your room with more natural or artificial light is a fundamental factor in living room decor. And this year, the trend gives priority to natural light, so it’s time to say goodbye to the heavy curtains style victory and opt for light and thin fabrics.

The panels are ideal for the decoration of our room, because they bring freshness without losing the style and perfectly fulfill your task to decorate the windows in a simple and elegant way.

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