Tips for Planning and Designing of Your Living Room

Tips for Planning and Designing of Your Living Room

The planning and designing of seating space in the living room must always begin with keeping in mind the positions of the doorways. In a living room which is ideally designed incorporating all the Interior Design Ideas, you will notice that the pathways for movement are structured around the area used for seating purpose and are never designed through it. Therefore, you must structure the furniture in a place that does not obstruct the walking pathway.

You must consider positioning well the lights and the windows:

At the time of planning or designing the layout, you must mark the relevant positions of the lights and windows within the living room. Incorporating well-planned Interior Design Ideas assist you to avail artificial or natural lighting in a perfect way.

Measure each and everything perfectly and accurately:

living room designs

An efficient and well-designed layout of the living room is the outcome of the right measurements and accurate placements.

  • You must not keep two similar seating pieces separate for more than a distance of ten feet.
  • You must maintain at least three feet space so as to allow convenient movement in the pathway.
  • For a well-designed seating area, you must place a center table located at a distance of nineteen inches or one foot from the sofa.
  • The distance between the television set and sofa must be three to four times the total height of the TV screen.

You must consider the shape and size of the living room:

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What looks attractive in a single living room might not considerably work for other living rooms. This is the reason why you require analyzing well the shape and size of the furniture along with the available space so as to figure out what Interior Design Ideas or layout can work for the living room.

  • For a rectangular oriented look, a linear or sequential layout of the furniture does the job well, making the room appear less cluttered and more spacious. The largest furniture which might be the sofa should be placed in a direction towards the focal axis of the room. Single sofas or the chairs must be installed on either of the sides. You can also blend in ottomans to the living room so as to balance the overall arrangement.
  • For a square oriented living room, you must consider a circular or square arrangement of the furniture. You must fix the furniture at a distance away from the living room wall so as to add the feel and essence of warmth to the limited space available.

Open plan the Interior Design ideas and structuring of your living room:

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An openly planned living room is designed with the agenda of generating spaces which are multipurpose where a certain single space or area can be utilized for socializing, entertaining and eating. You must install the furniture in a place which allows the easy and free movement of people while the same available space is used for other numerous activities. For an intimate and cozy area for seating in an open environment, you can consider designing a vignette in between the area used for seating which is rugged with other pieces of furniture.

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