Top 5 Impressive Color Schemes for Your Kitchen Design

Top 5 Impressive Color Schemes for Your Kitchen Design

Slowly and steadily, Modular kitchens are attaining a typical standard in the Indian homes. These modular kitchens come in distinct styles and colors. The colors represent a contrast and blend of cool and warm colors, sober palettes and solid streaks mixed with a hint of adventure. Various types of color schemes for a kitchen enable to transform the soul and passion of the house into a remarkable place which is sure enough to restore the senses garnering a tinge of emotion.

Color Scheme for Indian Kitchen No.1: Play with natural hues:

The panels of laminated oak utilized on the kitchen island and cabinets add warmth and an earthy touch to the Scandinavian stimulated kitchen. The wall cabinetry representing double level is a useful add-on to the Indian kitchen which is imposed on the upper half that livens up stuff in a systematic way making you feel the warmth of happiness.

The lower cabinet of the kitchen in bits of grey and brown is matched well with the shiny flinted flooring and fridge which adds a smoky and rich feel of demure to the space for cooking. Adding well the gravitas to the contemporary Indian designer kitchen, the cooking space makes you feel like heaven in a true sense. While contributing to the lavish feel of the kitchen, the two sets of distinct cabinets are brought together. Yellow colored walls, kitchen countertops, and an island appearance make the space in the kitchen look serene and larger.

Color Scheme for Kitchen No. 2: A Hint of Classic Neutrals:

A feel of variant off-whites adds a rejuvenating touch to the contemporary kitchen, saturated in hues of neutral colors. The eye catchy off-white utilized on the upper end of the cabinets’ boosts up the mind and endows an airy feel when contrasted with the glossy white cabinets placed below.

The kitchen island is dominated by neutral hues clustered with a spark of black.  The flooring in brown and the backsplash in off-white assists to break through the monochrome and inflicts in a touch or hue of flamboyance. This is a shade that spreads far across the kitchen length and extends right up to the cabinet, endowing the visual hint.

The lovely decoration with plants and fruits endeavors a natural feel to the surrounding giving you a grounded feel of happiness.

Color Scheme for Kitchen No. 3: Making a Bold Statement:

A solid bluish block utilized on the cabinets of the kitchen, chairs, and drawers endow in a hint of excitement and feel of charismatic energy to the stylish island oriented kitchen. This color scheme represents distinct whites and adds a natural light working best as a backdrop for a handsome, crisp and bold layout.

The sober neutral tones presenting colors like grey and white utilized as the tiled backsplash hints at an old, urban charm of beauty. The utilization of the laminated blue cabinets on the top with a hint of white makes the kitchen look too homely. The peels of orange in the center, make the kitchen sparkle adding a hint of life to the cooking space.

Color Scheme for Kitchen No. 4: Unconventionally stylish:

In this space which is naturally lit up, the hint of white cabinets beautifully blended with the black drawers clubbed with a rich and elegant looking floor, makes you feel unconventionally stylish. A dash of wine bottles along with a hue of nature placed on the upper cabinet enhances the hue of visual lightness swirling the cooking space with an enigmatic and eclectic view that adds a homely vibe to the kitchen.

The sleek metal finish on the handles of the cabinets along with the oven endows a contemporary tone to the area. The playful medley of extreme blacks and whites textured and complemented with the neutral panel and white flooring gives the space a warm feel thoroughly.

Color Scheme for Kitchen No. 5: Pepped up with beautiful earthy hues

Beautifully blended with earthy rich colors, hinted with a radiant splash of citrus hues gives way to an out of the box scheme for colors working best for the large to medium sized kitchen designs. The olive green clubbed with oak brown countertops and Blue Island table assists to brighten the spacious kitchen. A window just next to the kitchen enables the sunlight to reflect in across the entire room. The hues of radiant colors help to portray a balanced effect. The greyish colored backsplash pairs well with the olive green and white walls endowing a radiant backdrop to the surrounding as a whole.


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