Top 6 Small Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Top 6 Small Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you witnessing a crunch all your way while endeavouring your dream kitchen? With 6 best kitchen interior ideas, we will endow you with the reason to smile and transmogrify your small little kitchen into a well-organized cooking haven.

With a rise in the prices for real estates, there has been a shrink in the available space; as a result, small kitchen has become a common concept for most of the homes. Nevertheless, the correct kind of layout and pre-planned indian Kitchen design ideas can make a huge difference – no matter how much cramped the available space is.

Below we have listed top six space saving Indian Kitchen Design ideas which can be implemented easily in homes, studios, and apartments which are small-scaled or compact in nature. This kitchen design for small space can even work wonderfully for planning out open kitchens.

Idea 1: Retrospective and classically straight kitchen


One of the most preferred arrangements or layout for a small kitchen is planning a straight or one walled kitchen as it endows simple and flexible configuration. You can have a workable counter width of 4 feet to 5 feet long for placing a sink, stove and worktop blended with a continuous surface which calls to be a winning feature. This is a particular layout that allows multiple folks to prepare their food at the same amount of time.

Moreover, you should not make the small kitchen dingy and dark. You can design the surrounding and infuse in a tinge of radiant and happy colours like a green setup with bright pops combined with a pristine oriented white background to bring in vivacious vibes in the open kitchen. Cabinets and counters must be light coloured as they bring about a visually enlarged picture to the small space endeavouring it with a less cramped appearance.

Idea 2: A Parallel oriented kitchen representing open layouts

Parallel kitchen design

Who told you that you need to plan a kitchen closed behind the wall? A parallel oriented kitchen has unique galley style which is all white blending the dining area and kitchen together fostering a great option for homes which are small. This is a particular layout that allows you to cook and interact with your family members in the dining area at the same time. This is a particular layout which is perfect for Sunday brunches when you get a chance to guzzle your food with all your family members.

Also, the open shelves affixed just at the top of the counter space can be utilized to keep spices, dishes and various cutleries as cabinets which are closed can sometimes appear to be oppressive in spaces which are small. A counter on the parallel grips the sink while the refrigerator can be placed in the available space between the doubles as a medium for being a breakfast counter. You must not forget to notice the storage area which is designed right at the tail end. Moreover, you can also design a galley based kitchen on both the sides so as to increase the capacity of the light entering the particular space.

Idea 3: Adapt the Idea of Designing a U-shaped Kitchen


With the planning for perfecting your Kitchen Interior design, you can also clamber on the idea for constructing a U-shaped kitchen layout to make your small kitchen look a little efficient. This is a stylish kitchen which can fit in pullouts, overhead cabinets, distinct essentials and built-in appliances within the space which is available. The oven and the sink can be affixed adjoining to each other so as to make it look like a highly efficient area to conduct work. A modern, sleek pendant light along with a pair of stool brings forth breakfast nook attire which is represented on the outer side of the arm. White finishes merged along with light oak intensify the percept of space available, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the light on the surface of work.

Idea 4: Utilise the Available Corner Space

An efficient and well planned Indian Kitchen Design makes the best utilization of each and every inch of the available space which also includes the tricky small corners. In this case, the layout for L shaped kitchen design can be a great choice. A kitchen which is sleek in nature has two separate counters which are placed on the adjoining direction of each other along with a vast arrangement of inbuilt storage units.

Since the available counters are neatly stacked opposed to the wall, there remains enough amount of available space for circulation and movement of the person who cooks and works in the kitchen. On one side of the wall shelves are kind of limited which allows the natural light to enter the kitchen through the window.

Idea 5: An Indian Kitchen Must Endow Splendid Amount of Warmth

A small kitchen brings forth a great deal of warmth and cosiness to every nook and corner. A captivatingly exposed brick layered wall clubbed with a tinge of yellow lights foster warmth which is homely in nature to the available compact space. In this particular case, the overhead cabinet does a good job as it is well aligned with a pull out oriented storage constructed just below the essential counter for keeping cutlery and utensils. On the parallel wall, you can construct a wall mounted shelf which brings about a pleasing display. You can add a clean little carpet as well to represent warmth bringing about a magical touch to the kitchen.

Idea 6: You Can Utilize Glass Doors

You can add a full-length glass door along with French designer windows to your Kitchen Interior design so as to make the best utilization of the available natural light. This is an airy and bright modern designed kitchen utilizing a compact layout which is L shaped. The primal area for cooking is lined up with a sink and hob just against to one wall of the kitchen. A short length perpendicular oriented arm endeavours additional space and caters to a table for eating. The blend of closed cabinets, open shelves and pullouts provide you with an arrangement for feasible storage ideas of your requirement.

Therefore, at the time when you design a small Indian Kitchen Design, plan a perfect layout which makes good utilization of the available space. The correct scheme of colours and smart positioning can easily transmogrify the minuscule space available into a kitchen of your dream where you would love to make your meal.

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