Top Stylish TV cum Modular Storage Units

Top Stylish TV cum Modular Storage Units

You must have noticed a growing importance of tv cum storage modular units in home, be it the kitchen, bedroom or living room. This type of trend garners momentum as the families adapt to the compact or closely packed apartments and opt for the clutter free spaces.

Selecting the furniture which combines well with the functionalities is said to be a very clever move when it comes to saving the space without compromising on the experience. Fancy TV sets well accompanied by the modular styled storage units have become the most common feature in contemporary houses today. The television cum storage units are said to be versatile in function and form and simply complements both the modern and conventional settings in a manner which is phenomenal.

Listed below are 5 striking modular units which are considered attractive in your houses as they cater you with ample spaces for both storage and display:

Malhar television unit:

The malhar television is an all-round accommodative television cum display storage. An ideal fit in both the transitional and modern spaces with shelves that endow a contemporary twist to an antiquated design.

Whether you choose to wall mount television or place it on table, it caters you with sufficient space towards both ends and minimizes the shelves for slight knick-knacks.

Berko television unit:

Berko television unit is designed keeping the compact houses in mind as it caters with a one-stop solution to store all your entertainment requirements. Your cables, set-top box and TV speakers can all find apt space on this type of contemporary unit which is a piece treasured for life.

Espeneli television unit:

The overall distressed finishing of Espenelli television cum the display unit is what the shabby or grunge chic houses require. If you have fallen for Espeneli even though your house doesn’t necessarily follow the design movement, there is nothing to worry. This is a piece which will surely work in transitional and modern spaces.

This eye catchy unit has an apt drawer of distinct sizes with several contrasting and polished and ceramic knobs. The open shelves are just perfect for the set box and various other electronics.

Giro television unit:

This kind of arresting furniture piece is a modern nod to mid-century style. With just two roomy compartments, a tabletop and a shelf which can accommodate the television and few other center pieces, this kind of entertainment unit is sure not to let you down.

Lamar television unit:

With gently clean lines and thoroughly strong mid-century undertones, the Lamar television unit can slip into any modern home. Deep open drawers and compartments endow sufficient room to store the media electronics.

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