What Factors Determine The Price Of A Modular Kitchen?

What Factors Determine The Price Of A Modular Kitchen?

From scratch, if you construct a kitchen then it can burn holes in the pocket but this is before modular kitchen gained popularity. The modular kitchen consists of standard units or modules that are available in fixed price. By this way, you get to know the price of your modular kitchen before actually investing on it.

What is the cost of the modular kitchen?

Most of the sites endow expensive price without actually revealing the details of the modules. In contrary to belief, the modular kitchen price can serve to be pocket-friendly once if we understand one’s personal priorities.

While the price of the basic modular kitchen begins from Rs.1 lakh, it inches up basis the factors mentioned below:

Size of the kitchen:

The layout and the size of the kitchen whether U, L, parallel, straight or island affects directly the price of the modular kitchen. A large kitchen is fit enough to accommodate modules.

It is based on how the kitchen is used. For instance, a full-time baker ideally makes optimum utilization of the modules in the average-sized kitchen. In a similar fashion, a more a less frequent traveler who does not spend time cooking has the option to opt for a bare module in the sprawling kitchen.

Cabinet finishes and material:

There involve several options for cabinet finishes that are available in Indian markets like polymer, acrylic, laminate and membrane foil. Out of the options, laminate and acrylic are the ones most preferred by the buyers.

Acrylic is said to be the most expensive because it is scratch resistant and also delivers a look that is glossy. It is followed by a poly UV finish. Laminates are just perfect for the ones on a budget. Hi-gloss laminate touch or finishes are expensive than matt finishes. However, matt finishes require constant care as it tends to have sober or muted appearance.

The price of your modular kitchen is affected by both interior and exterior finishes. Similarly, you must keep the humidity and heat in mind when you select materials for the cabinets.


Basis the utility, you must choose the accessories that well complements the kitchen design. Not utilizing them on a frequent basis can be a waste. For instance, if you like crockeries, then plate holders are a good way to assure that they do not break. If you have a big family, a double bin holder is recommended.

You must choose exactly what you require from our wide range of accessories to keep your kitchen price on the check.

Backsplash and countertop material:

Corian, Quartz and polished granites are said to be favorites for the countertops because they appear natural and have a high-end finish. Quartz is said to be most costly but each of the material is available in varied range basis the quality.

This can also be the same for the backsplash. The buyers opt for eye catchy materials like metals, glass and also stone, therefore it becomes the focal point of the kitchens. At present in the markets, ceramic tiles are gaining the popularity.


Like the accessories, you must get appliances which are used frequently to avoid any unwanted splurging. Inbuilt appliances like dishwashers, oven are generally costly than other conventional counterparts as it endows great comfort and is available in seamless designs.

You must thoughtfully invest in a range of appliances so that the price of your modular kitchen is a perfect match with your budget.

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