Wooden False Ceiling Design

Wooden False Ceiling Design

The 5th wall or ceiling has always remained anon in Indian homes. The ceiling of all Indian homes was strewn with only one color white, no matter how colourful your other four walls are. In general cases, the paint used for the ceiling has always been of a lower quality than that of the other walls. However, in the past couple of years, the fifth wall of the home has gotten good share significance; you must thank the widespread essence of the false ceilings. Considered a secondary ceiling which is suspended from an original ceiling of the home is called a false ceiling. Often made from the gypsum board or POP, it is connected to beams, walls or structural ceilings including the cutouts for air conditioning and lighting.

The current captivating factor for the top architects and designers in India, completely agree with the presence of wooden accents in the false ceilings. Elegant and classy, these are represented in a number of appealing manners adding a new dimension to space at home. Here we have put together few inspirational false ceiling designs with which you can get started.

No.1: Metal magic:

Nothing can spell like wood beautifully blended with pleasant and warm metal accents. What best suits is a classy pendant fixture of light attached to wooden false ceiling highlighting the dining space in an innovative manner.

No.2: Recessed lighting:

Recessed light enhances the appearance of the wooden ceiling accents, as you visualize to see in a tasteful and rejuvenating living area. An attachment of suspended chandelier exclusively highlights the zone in a spectacular manner.

No.3: LED for rescue:

An LED light wonderfully embedded in wooden false ceiling assist to cast a tranquil and soft sense of glow in the bedroom, formulating a restful and mellow mood ideal for a good night sleep.

No.4: Play well with dimensions:

A good wood panel attached above U shaped area brings the warmth and texture to the family style living room.

No.5: Unique lattice:

The lattice worked wooden ceiling, paired well with the correct kind of concealed lighting is genuinely is a captivating addition to any room type. These are custom made in distinct patterns to match your mood and taste.

No.6: Faux it:

Faux wooden beams are a way to include a pleasant note of refinement to the interiors. You can use it to cover your whole ceiling or highlight a portion of it.

No.7: Ditch plain ceilings:

Your wooden false ceiling does not require being plain. You get the option to go for the textured one as well made of planks to add in the visual interest.


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